Where is the Docker for Windows docker pull mirror?

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Indocker pull registryWhere is the post image file? I want to find the image directory

Or how to set up the storage directory of docker pull?

Because as time goes by, the capacity of disk c is getting smaller and smaller.

Docker on windows essentially creates a linux virtual machine with hyper-v on windows platform. All commands you execute are executed in this virtual machine. All pull to local image will be in the Virtual hard disks directory file of the virtual machine. This file is a virtual hard disk file (somewhat similar to vmware’s principle).
So you open hyper-v Manager, you can find the virtual machine created by docker, click the name of the virtual machine on the left, then click the move option on the right, and follow the wizard to move the virtual machine to another directory.
In addition, you can click on the menu bar: operation ->Hyper-v settings to adjust the default storage location of virtual hard disk files for all your virtual machines.