Why can’t Harbor installed in HTTP plain text protocol log in from the client?

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Install Harbor on a host using the default HTTP protocol.
IP is192.168.33.10.
You can log in from the command line on this machine:

sudo docker login

Can also be accessed from the browser:
But from other clients (Mac,Docker installed like thisWhen logging in, the following error occurred:

docker login
 Username: user1
 Password: (my_password)
 Error response from daemon: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

The instructions can be seen in the Harbor installation documentation:
https://github.com/vmware/har …

IMPORTANT: The default installation of Harbor uses HTTP – as such, you will need to add the option –insecure-registry to your client’s Docker daemon and restart the Docker service.

Both the host and the client in Harbor set up this file./etc/docker/daemon.json

{ "insecure-registries":[""] }

And restart docker, or not.
If Harbor is not installed using HTTPS protocol now, what method can be used to log in and access normally from the client?


No setup is required at the client/etc/docker/daemon.json, Mac is not to do so, but:

Apply and restart