Why does docker become a liability to me?

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Thinking of using docker to create a local development environment, some commonly used software is directly pulled on Docker Hub, but some need to install and write their own dockerfile separately. It is very difficult to write dockerfile. It is very difficult to debug. The container itself is a simplified system. Many commands are not available yet. When you need to write dockerfile to install a slightly more complicated software, it is quite painful.

Is there any good method?

First, I’d like to talk about the two ways of using it on my side. I don’t know how to use it, but my aunt listened to it.

  1. Directly under the linux image, install a pile of software in a mess, run. Finally docker commit
  2. I went to build a lamp (using nginx instead of apache), I downloaded multiple images separately, ran independently, and specified the configuration through volumn.

File location to modify, through container information exchange to combine these images together to form a system.