WIN10 docker Startup Failure

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Win10 installation docker startup is an error, hyper-v has been started, Baidu has no solution, kneel down to ask the great god to help solve!

Unable to create: The running command has been stopped because the preference variable “ErrorActionPreference” or the generic parameter is set to Stop: General Failure
In New-Switch, < no file >: line 131
In < ScriptBlock >, < no file >: line 385
At position c of doc.backend.hyper v.runscript (stringaction, dictionary`2 parameters): gopathsrccgithub.comdockerpinatawinscocker.backkendhyperv.cs: line 177
At position c: gopathsrccgithub.comdockerpinatawinscocker.backkendcontainerengineLinux.cs: line 123.
In position c of doc.core.pipe.namedpipeser. < > c _ _ displayclass 9 _ 0. < register > b _ _ 0 (object [] parameters): gopathsrccgithub.comdockerpinatawinscocker.corpipenamedpipeserver.cs: line number 47
In position c of docker.core.pipe.namedpipeser.runaction (stringaction, object [] parameters): gopathsrccgithu.comdockerpinatawinscocker.corpipenamedpipeserver.cs: line 145

Right click on the small program icon in the lower right corner of docker, switch to windows Container