MottoJS, a JS plug-in that makes your motto more fun.


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Latest update: Version 1.0.1 has added “Jitter Effect”, similar to the appearance of signal interference, welcome to taste ~

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MottoJSJS plug-in is a 4kb(.min file is only 2kb) js plug-in, green and independent. viaMottoJSYou can show your motto in a cool way.



npm install motto


git clone


Write an html tag, such as<h1></h1>Or other

<h1 class="motto"></h1>

Then introduceMottoJS

<script src="motto.min.js"></script>

MottoJSAt the same time support toAMD,CommonJSOrES2015In the past few years.

Then usenewOperator to generate a MottoJS instance

var motto = new Motto(el, config)


MottoJSAccept two parameters.

  • el {String / HTML element}Must
    Use the CSS selector to select an html element to display your motto.

  • config {Object}Must
    An object with 5 attributes for configuring MottoJS.


The basic configuration objects are as follows:

 lyric: 'To be or not to be, that\'s a question.',
 showUpSpeed: 1000,
 flashSpeed: 100,
 flashTimeout: 1000,
 callback: function() { ... }
  • lyric {String}Optional Default value:''
    The content of your motto.

  • showUpSpeed {Number}Optional Default value: 0
    Your motto will appear word by word. This option is used to set the interval between them.

  • flashSpeed {Number}Optional Default value: 0
    Control when your motto changes from garbled to meaningful sentences.

  • flashTimeout {Number}Optional Default value: 0
    Sets the transition time from the complete output of the motto to the garbled conversion.

  • callback {Function}Optional Default: {}
    Callback function after garbled conversion.



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