My 2016: From the Wild Way to the Front End of the Regular Army

  Summary 2016

2016 is finally drawing to a close, just taking advantage of the @segmentfault communityLooking back on 2016, what have you gained? 》Activities, a good review of my 2016.

There are many things happening in 2016. Let’s take time as a clue and write it down slowly.

I. ending the internship

At the beginning of this year, he officially left his post from the unit that had practiced for half a year. During this half-year internship, I was responsible for the development of the front-end page of the company’s e-commerce system, and was contacted for the first time.VueJSThis framework. At that time, the whole company and I had only two front-end engineers, but the website to be built was complicated in function, frequently changed in requirements, and reconstruction was a common occurrence. With the increase of system complexity, the original architecture can no longer be satisfied. After communication with the boss, the application was finally finalized.VueJSAs the basic framework, carry out complete reconstruction. In the process of reconstruction, I encountered many pits, but fortunately I finally filled them one by one and accumulated many valuable experiences.

In order to adapt to different equipment, for the first time I came into contact with the “responsive design” and also had the opportunity to conduct in-depth research.bootstrapThe source code, learned how it organizes the code, how to decouple variables, how to split files and other engineering knowledge, understand the original style can be written like this. Later, I summarized and wrote an article later.Analysis of file contents and functions of less folder in bootstrap3.xIf you are interested, you can take a look. Also based on this time forbootstrapAfter learning the source code, I was finally able to understand how other people’s style library was written, and then I built a wheel myself:Elf, flexbox-based Responsive CSS Framework.

Later, due to graduation thesis and the fact that counselors had to arrest people for meetings and other painful matters, they finally completed the resignation procedures before the Chinese New Year and formally ended their internship after returning home for the Chinese New Year.

This internship is of great significance to me. In less than half a year, it has given me the opportunity to come into contact with the latest technology in the industry and greatly improved my actual combat ability.

Second, the interview maniac

During the Spring Festival, I took a tour of Changsha and the ancient city of Fenghuang with women’s tickets. After I came back, I did not stop to hook up with interviews. Because the technology is too bad to miss the autumn move, I can take advantage of the spring move. In fact, I already had the company I wanted before the Chinese New Year, but HR said that they had already filled up, and even if the interview had to be arranged after the year was over, so I had to wait slowly. However, I have not received the interview notice since I came back from the tour. I felt a little flustered and put a resume on an APP in order to prepare my hands. Perhaps because my resume is OK, many companies have invited me to participate in the interview, which started my “interview maniac”.

I interviewed more than ten companies, large and small, in one month. I slowly accumulated interview experience, summed up lessons, learned my shortcomings in various aspects, and also understood the principle of “interview is a two-way choice”. From stuttering to “interviewing interviewers”, I have gradually grown into an “interview maniac” and the offer harvest rate is also very good.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I have always been calm … this time I am also very calm. I am still confident after the interview. at least I can answer the questions asked by the interviewer, and I can answer the question of blowing water. it’s probably like this …

Well, then it became.

This period of time gave birth to my first open source work, which is a useful one.VueDo markdown editor, calledMarkcook, it will still be version 1.0, the code is very unsmooth …Markcook1.0 Development Summary

III. Graduation

The major of the university isOptical information science and technology, cool, make light make electricity make relativity, is not to make the front end. Fortunately, my tutor is quite relieved of us and allows us to set our own topics. Therefore, my graduation design properly chose the front-end direction.

In order to make it convenient and somewhat difficult, my graduation design chose to create a “private blog”, that is, a blog without login and registration mechanism … the front end is my favorite one.VueJS, the back-end words chosePHPThe database uses traditionalMySQL. At that time, I knew nothing about the back-end and database except the front-end skills, so I hope to take the opportunity of graduation design to learn the back-end technology well.

PHPNot the kui is “the best language in the world”, it is really very good to learn. I borrowed this book, came back and chewed it for a week, and immediately started the back-end development. the process was quite smooth. finally, I touched the whole set of running processes at the front and back ends, which is very meaningful for my future study and work. After the production of the work was completed, I wrote this article:Single page application built with vue+webpack-the birth of private blog MintloG, which happens to be part of my graduation thesis.

I took the offer, signed the three parties, completed the finish, and through the defense, I also ended my 4-year college career in June this year. Although I almost didn’t stay in school since the summer vacation of my junior year but went to Shenzhen for internship, when I really got my diploma, I discovered that the original 4 years had really passed and I had officially moved from the ivory tower to the society.

Time is a bad person, but it is so cold that he is not allowed to leave the stadium more slowly-Youth in Residence, Zhang Jingxuan

Four, fill the foundation, make toys

Since I only started work at the end of July, I was in a state of self-study for more than half a year after finishing my internship. Based on the experience gained from the previous interview, I listed the knowledge points I did not know one by one with paper and pen. I knew what basis to fill in and what things to learn.

After a trip to Thailand, after reading the classic works such as “http authoritative guide”, “elevation 3”, “Javascript description of structure and algorithm”, I have made a comprehensive improvement on my own technical system, but I still lack actual combat experience. many places do not understand it fully. I have to review it carefully sometime, and I will definitely get more.

At the same time, it also began to challenge the source code of popular frameworks. FromZeptoBeginner-level, combined with the information on the Internet, slowly analyzed it layer by layer, studied the principle of the whole library and some unfamiliar writing methods, greatly improved my ability to “look at the source code”, and also summed up a set of my own experience of analyzing the source code. In many projects in the future, people will no longer be afraid when they encounter incomplete documents or doubts. They will go to the source code directly.

I also learned a lot about design patterns and code specifications by looking at various source codes, especially when I saw some concise and clear codes. I really couldn’t help clapping my hands and applauding them. Under the subtle influence, my own code has gradually become standardized. Some good open source projects not only have clear and strict code logic, but also have complete documents. logo is also well designed and very excellent. Therefore, the more I look at it, the more itching I feel. Later, I couldn’t help but start making toys myself to play with:

In addition, several articles have been translated:

The translation level is a bit poor, but it also makes me more comfortable reading English, and I am used to browsing everyday.Medium,RedditSuch as technical communities, to master the latest and hottest front-end information.

It is a great honor to have won it for two consecutive quarters.@SegmentFaultThe community’s Top Writer title, hope the last quarter can also be elected ha ha ~

Five, entry, receive regular army training

If the previous experience is that I have been groping and rolling, then after I joined the army at the end of July, I really saw what a regular army is like. From the beginning of my official employment to the present, my evaluation of myself is “many but not fine”, and the typical one is a little bit of everything but not fine at all. Since I used to work as an intern in a small company or do small projects on my own, there was almost no concept of team development. When I took over the company’s business for the first time and needed to jointly develop some business modules with other colleagues, I actually found myself unable to do so. Why should a seemingly simple function distinguish so many modules? Why write like this instead of like that? My views on business codes range from “such a simple thing is so complicated,” to “oh, oh, so it is,” and to “I didn’t even think about this situation in my life”. My greatest growth since I joined the company is to stop being impatient and learn to be practical.

Now every time I receive a new task, I will carefully consider and analyze its various possible situations, and always pay attention to whether it will cause any side effects during the development process. I will also honestly, carefully and carefully carry out the test when the development is completed to avoid making mistakes.

Of course, I didn’t stop blogging either. After careful study and study, I always got a lot of harvest. As a result, several articles that I think are very interesting came into being.

More, I still continue to study in my spare time, such as followingVue2By the way, upgrade the release ofMarkcookWhat?Markcook2.0, complete reconfiguration upgrade using Vue2.0 and Vuex2.0; And researchVueThe source code and add their own ideas:Use ES6′ s new Proxy to implement a data binding instance. The more you learn, the deeper you find the water, the more you work, the more you find the gap between yourself and the great gods around you, and the more you dare not relax.

VI. Looking Forward

Completed the last personal work of the yearVuwe-Another Mobile Vue2 Component Library, finally to end the year. I hope that in the coming 2017, I can continue to fill up the weak basic knowledge, continue to maintain the momentum of learning, cultivate my ability in all aspects, and strive to be independently responsible for the projects of some companies.

In the open source community, we should also continue to contribute high-quality code, participate in the development of popular projects, read and write more English, and strive to participate in one or two front-end conferences or something (this year the Nuggets held in Shenzhen was not crowded in).

Continue to play ball and pick up Hiphop again after more than a year, saying that the street dance culture here in Shenzhen is really completely inferior to Guangzhou.

From the wild road to the regular army, I am still a young recruit an egg shaped thing, continue to work hard …

I wish everyone good health and world peace.