My excellent 2018

  2018 summary

At the end of the year, besides lamenting how quickly time passed, I was also very glad that I had passed this wonderful year.


The first is the change in work. I have been working in Zhaolian Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. since I graduated in 16 years, until May this year. During the recruitment period, I had the honor to get the appreciation of the boss. I also learned a lot, accumulated a lot of project experience and met many excellent people. In order to see a bigger world and seek a higher salary, I came to Tencent after careful decision, and felt the style of top domestic internet companies.

I changed my work unit and adapted to the new work rhythm. The colleagues around me are all very excellent talents. They have learned a lot from them that I have never seen before. This is also one of my greatest gains since I took office. Being able to work with a group of excellent people is a happy thing in itself.

As for the work rhythm just mentioned, I think the atmosphere here is quite OK. There is no strange overtime culture, and no one cares when you come and go. As long as you can finish the required work within the given time, you are very free. Therefore, when the project is tight, we will add a reasonable shift to finish the work. When the project is loose, I will make demands during the day, continue to learn things that interest me at night to improve myself, or go to fitness, and have a black or something with friends.

There are also some painful places, such as participating in the maintenance of some old internal systems. Due to the company’s long history, numerous businesses and relatively frequent entry and exit of personnel, many old systems will have some enigmatic ancestral codes that make people want to lift the table. Before, I was very resistant to maintaining the old system. I think it takes time and energy. The code is also the ancient style of Rory Balso. Later I read a post, and there was a very good passage to the effect as follows:

In the process of maintaining the old system, first you will understand why you did it in the first place. Perhaps a seemingly wordy code actually takes into account several special situations. Next, you can have an in-depth understanding of the system during the maintenance process, then summarize it and make up the missing documents. The process has cultivated your ability to read code and write documents.

Learning to find gold in mud is also one of my growing consciousness this year.


In order to join Tencent, it also went through some preparation. In the process of preparation, a lot of basic knowledge was well consolidated and the ambiguous knowledge points before were upgraded qualitatively. Since I have always had the habit of writing blogs, there is something to be affirmed in the accumulation of knowledge, both in depth and breadth. As for the common knowledge points of interview, I have mostly dabbled in my blog posts. In order to summarize them into a written document, this process makes me know the specific knowledge points and their reasons. At the same time, writing a blog can also train one’s ability to sum up knowledge and experience. So in the process of the interview, I did not panic at all, and the communication with the interviewer was very pleasant.

Of course, during the interview, I also exposed some of my shortcomings, especially my mastery of computer foundation. Non-technical background is always painful, but it is not a reason to limit me. After understanding their own shortcomings, they will also be targeted to supplement the necessary knowledge.

First of all, Charles Petzold’s “Coding-Language Hidden Behind Computer Software and Hardware”. This book, regardless of code, tells the story from the beginning of human demand for information transmission and mathematical calculation, and depicts the history of computer from simple concepts to complex integration. This book gives me a deep understanding of the working principles of computers, and more valuable is the design philosophy hidden behind these principles.

Secondly, after going through a course on compiling principles, I understand how a line of code is compiled and executed by the machine. In fact, I have heard about the compilation principle for a long time, but I have not had the courage to study it deeply. I think it is too difficult and far away from me. Looking back at the articles I have written, I find that they are basically some very simple contents, which also means that what I have mastered is only some very simple things. In this case, why not dare to break through?

Fortunately, I found on YouTube the “Principles of Compiling” course offered by the Chinese Health Care Teacher of the China University of Science and Technology, and immediately went into it to further study. I belong to the kind of person who can really master certain knowledge by practice, so after studying for a period of time, I made a JS interpreter and summarized it into one article.“Front End and Compiling Principle-Writing a JS Interpreter with JS”At last, I became the first article in my history that really has technical depth. I felt full of achievement.

In the process of implementing the parser, I also have a deeper understanding of JS itself. Knowledge of scope, closure, garbage collection, etc. can be truly mastered, rather than staying at the stage of reciting concepts-because I have implemented them all once.

In addition to the basic knowledge, due to the relationship between work for the first time in-depth contact with the game development. Once upon a time, I had a deep fear of game development, because the impression of a seemingly simple logic is also very complicated in the production of small games, but also to consider the frame rate, performance and so on at sixes and sevens. But when I really got to know it, I found that whether it was web development or game development, in essence it was just using code to implement logic, but in different ways. After thinking about this, they will no longer resist, but they will have more eager expectations for the upcoming challenges. After more than a month’s efforts, the first small game “Expansion Contest” was finally launched and put into the QQ Fun Play Module of the mobile phone to be tested by all users of hand Q. During the development, the concept of engineering was also introduced, and some commonly used game modules were pulled out for others to use. Unfortunately, due to the business adjustment, I went to take charge of other projects next, but I did not give up.


At the beginning of the year, I reported fitness, and physical examination showed that my belly and buttocks were overweight. After less than half a year’s exercise, the physical indicators returned to normal. By the end of the year, fitness has become a habit. Compared with last year, the body has made a qualitative leap. At least many clothes can’t be buttoned up at the chest.

And women’s tickets came to the fourth year of love, both of them are getting better and better. There will still be friction in life, but both of them are more tolerant and patient than before. They are not only lovers, but also good friends who talk about everything.

This year’s footprint is also richer than ever before. At the beginning of the year, I went to Hong Kong Disneyland to celebrate the New Year and felt the fairy tale dream. In May, I went to Xiamen and did some serious literature and art work. In September, the company’s delegation arrived in Chengdu and Chongqing, and their fear of being dominated by chili peppers was seared in their hearts. The National Day went to Taiwan and experienced the customs of the island. During this period, I also went back to Guangzhou with my old classmates to play CS and drink tea, and went to Huizhou to massage and wash feet and eat seafood. Every trip is very happy and I hope I can go to more places next year.

Some time ago, I bought a Switch and went through customs with all my strength. Perhaps because this work is too high, other games are not in the mood to play, and finally Switch keeps eating ashes at home and hasn’t opened it for several months.

With the addition of the team’s strong carry and luck, the team finally reached the top position in the 13th season of “the glory of the king”, and everyone knows the bitterness of the season. I don’t know if PS5 will come out next year. If it does, I must buy a home.

Expectations for the coming year

For work, I hope I can be responsible for more and more important modules, know more colleagues, accumulate more experience and upgrade.

For learning, besides maintaining continuous learning related to work skills, I hope I can devote more time to dabble in history, psychology and philosophy and read more paper books.

Life, and women’s tickets continue to be good. Go skiing in the northeast, take my parents on a trip, rent a car and go for a ride.

I hope I can give myself a beautiful tattoo on my birthday next year, provided that I practice my muscles well. for this purpose, I will keep on practicing iron for fitness.

Dancing is a fun thing. Although I didn’t go to studio to learn dancing this year, jumping around with music at home has become a habit. I have also contracted a hip-hop performance for this year’s annual meeting. I hope that all future annual meetings can be held on stage, because I really enjoy the feeling under the spotlight.

The most important thing is that everyone around you can be healthy and everything goes well.

Happy New Year ~

Merry X’max~