Swoole 1.10.2 release, BUG fix version

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PHPThe asynchronous, parallel and high performance network communication engine based onSwoolePublished1.10.2Version. This version fixes several issues and recommends that all users upgrade.

Major updates:

  • RepairBASEMode settingmax_request=1When the collapse of the problem
  • RepairWebSocketThe problem that the client fails to unpack when the handshake response and the data frame are in the same transmission unit is solved.
  • RepairSSLConnection unavailablesendfileThe problem of
  • RepairBASEFrequent in modereloadProblems that Lead to Process Loss
  • Repairswoole_async_dns_lookupOnjemallocWhen the collapse of the problem
  • RepairPHP7.2Open in versionopcache.enable_cli=OnWhen the collapse of the problem
  • ModifyClientError message when domain name resolution fails
  • The process isreloadTime is marked as busy and no new requests will be received.

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