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Writing articles is a matter with little short-term benefits and great long-term benefits.People always overestimate short-term income and underestimate long-term income.. It is often that many people can’t stick to it, especially in the early stage of writing the article. No one will feel frustrated when reading the article after writing it, which will affect the later creation.

In a sense, blogs are my best study notes and personal business cards.. In the IT industry, technology blog is one of the best ways to know a developer, especially when you don’t have a sufficient diploma or a brilliant work experience, you should settle down to polish your technology and build your own blog. Those who have passed away cannot remonstrate; those who have come can still pursue. From now on, the habit of writing technology blogs may play an important role in your career.

As a front-end white with more than a year’s work experience, this article does not want to show off how outstanding I am in blogging, at least I never feel! On the contrary, I want to share with my personal experience some things such as how to write a technology blog, how to promote my own articles, and how to build a personal brand.

I. Achievements in Writing Technology Blogs

After careful calculation, I have been writing a blog for 15 months, and now I amGold digging communityIn the past, 50 articles have been published with a reading of 11w+, 6,000+in praiseSegmentfault communityThere are 39 articles published on the website, with a reading of 5w+, and a number of 3,800+reviews.Github blogOn the 800+star, 150+watch, the article has also been reprinted by famous public numbers such as qiwu weekly, front-end daquan, front-end top, etc. this is not to show off this insignificant achievement, but to encourage my friends who are as silent and persistent as I am-contributions made by the Tang dynasty.

Just beginning to write articles, like most people, has two main purposes: first, to record one’s periodic learning achievements; Second, I want to get to know more like-minded people. No matter what kind of purpose it started with, as long as you keep writing, you will gradually feel the benefits it brings to you:

1. Test your learning achievements and deepen your understanding of technology

If a thing cannot be said or written in common and simple language, it proves that you have not mastered it completely or that you do not have enough depth.. Only through knowledge sharing can we better discover our own deficiencies in knowledge understanding and mastery.

2. Improve the expression ability of words

With the increase of my reading volume, my requirements for my articles are getting higher and higher. I will spend my mind thinking about the quality of articles and the reading experience for readers. I often ask myself repeatedly during the writing process, such as “how can readers absorb what I write more easily?” “How do you express it more impressively?” Wait, in addition, I will use mind mapping toolsxmindAnd a tool for generate dynamic graphsScreenToGifBecause images are stronger than words, visual memory can give full play to its advantages.

3. Make friends with more excellent people and get more opportunities for internal promotion.

Le mo le Xi has a new acquaintance. it is not a pleasure to make new friends through articles! Besides, sharing knowledge can also help others and bring people a sense of accomplishment.
When replying to readers’ comments, you can communicate with technicians from all over the world in this way. I’ve never met before, but I’ve been friends for a long time. This is a cool thing!

4. Build personal brand and improve the influence in the industry

Since the media age, information has been highly circulated, and it is possible for every player to gain a career. Knowledge sharing can help you find more valuable friends and partners, thus helping you build your own brand. “Let others know that you know”, establish your personal brand and make others more willing to cooperate with you-transferring and sharing their own knowledge is the simplest method. Through knowledge sharing, people can promote their understanding and trust of you and open up a new world for personal development. When you have enough fame, you will receive invitations and opportunities such as advertisements on similar websites, (paid) speech invitations, recording videos, publishing books, etc.

5. Get remuneration (remuneration/reward/advertising, etc.)

Insisting on writing high-quality articles will bring about payment or reward. Although it may be a small sum of money, it is also a form of positive feedback and will stimulate you to continue to output. After the blog helps you build your personal brand, it will become as valuable as your daily work or even more valuable than your own.

Second, how to write a popular technical article?

1. Try our best to find a good title.

The title can be said to be the function of a portal, and it is a sign to let readers know the main idea of the article. If the title is not well written, it is difficult to arouse others’ interest, not to mention high reading volume, even if the content of the article is of good quality.

After the title is confirmed, you should look for more information, because different people may have different views on the same thing, so you can understand the problem more deeply and from more angles by reading and sorting out the descriptions of the same event by many people, and then you can understand it quickly and thoroughly by combining your own understanding.

2. Clear target and audience

Once the title is determined, you need to identify your target audience. Understanding your readership is an extremely important step. What kind of people they are, what background knowledge they have (or what knowledge you want your readership to need), and what way of thinking they need. This is an extremely important step. It is best to write your requirements for readers in front of the article, which is good for both you and the readers. Knowing the target group is like a product manager knowing the needs of the target users and experiencing them to make good products.

3. Having a good beginning and ending and full and accurate content

As the saying goes, a skillful woman cannot cook without rice. In fact, if you want to write a full and accurate article, a high-quality reference article is essential! The following is a list of some front-end information that I think is good:

  • JavaScript Weekly is a well-known English weekly. The quality of articles compiled is very high. If you only want to subscribe to a weekly newspaper, it is it.
  • 33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know, this material explains 33 JS concepts that must be known for front-end development, the content is in English, and the Chinese version is available online.
  • The front-end intensive reading weekly, a collection of good front-end articles, is updated every week and 84 articles have been updated so far.
  • Front-end performance list, this is a front-end performance list, if you need to optimize an item, you can check the optimization items one by one according to this list.
  • 30-seconds-of-code, a 30-second series, a very short code fragment lets you know a knowledge point.
  • 30-seconds-of-css, 30-second series, very short code snippet lets you know a CSS knowledge point
  • Must-watch-javascript, this material contains many high-quality front-end related videos, which are worth seeing.
  • Css-protips, through which you can learn a lot of tips to improve your CSS skills.
  • Qiwu Weekly organizes a good collection of Chinese articles every week.

If you want to know more excellent front-end materials, it is recommended to collect them.Summary of Front End English WebsitesThis website includes some excellent foreign blogs and their videos.

4. Get feedback and iterate

I have a groundless theory, and believe it: good articles are slowly polished. When there is a certain amount of reading, after interacting with readers, you will find that the article is deficient, and you should revise it in time. After a period of time, the written articles should also be taken out frequently for review. At this time, the ability may be improved compared with the previous ones, and the problem is more profound. The old articles that feel dissatisfied should also be iterated. In this way, your writing ability can be improved rapidly!

5. Add the final touches: packaging, publishing and publicity

Three, a few questions about blogging

When does it start

In everyone’s heart, there is such a long list and there are so many beautiful things written in these lists. However, they are always delayed, shelved and rotted in the attic of time.

All things are difficult before they are done, as are writing technical articles. Many people will stay for a long time at the initial stage. You may have such questions as: To what extent are developers technically qualified to start their own blogs?The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now.The same is true for launching technology blogs. In fact, I started writing those articles a year ago, and now looking back, I feel that I wrote very poorly at that time. For those articles that I am not satisfied with, I can delete them and write them again when your ability improves. So you have to wait until you are a skilled person to be qualified to write articles. However, on the contrary, you can write articles to record your growth path, share articles, and build your own personal brand. Why not?

How to start writing?

  • Starting with imitation and rewriting

For a novice who wants to write a high-quality article at the beginning, he often feels unable to start. My advice starts with imitation and rewriting. Although you may not have started writing articles yet, you must have read those excellent blog articles. You may as well imitate those excellent articles first, learn how to title the articles, how to write opening remarks, how to explain their views, and how to summarize them. Through imitation and rewriting, you will gradually develop the feeling of writing, and write better and better.

  • It is suggested to determine the theme first, and then find relevant information according to the theme.

Look up data based on topics, not topics based on data. According to the theme of reading, you will find that when you read, you are no longer reading one book after another honestly, but very often jump from one book to another, from one information to another, so as to obtain how many different people explain the same theme. By comparing different data, we can extract the essence, remove the dross and summarize it into a written document.

  • Form the habit of thinking

Liu Weipeng mentioned in “Dark Time:” You walk, buy vegetables, wash your face and hands, take buses, go shopping, travel, eat and sleep, all of which can be called “dark time”. We can make full use of this time to think, ruminate and digest what we read and read at ordinary times, so that our understanding can be separated from the level of scripture. “

When thinking and summarizing become a habit, it becomes a natural thing to resort to writing and further thinking with the help of writing. It becomes a “must write down because you are thinking and summarizing”, and blog becomes a by-product.

3. Blogging takes time. How to balance work and study?

It takes a lot of effort to write a high-quality article. In order for readers to gain something, they need to make efforts in content, wording, layout, layout and other aspects, which all take time.

In fact, the first draft of most of my blogs is my study notes, which mainly include notes made by watching videos or reading books. With such a first draft, blogging has been half successful. The next thing you have to do is how to extend the depth and breadth of your knowledge and finally tell it to others in an easy-to-understand way. Therefore, if you don’t persist in studying, it is difficult to keep high yield.

Programmers may be a profession where overtime is relatively serious. For office workers who have jobs, blogging should be good at using small pieces of time, or “time scraps” as mentioned in “strange life”, such as using the noon break time to search for some information according to the theme and make preparations in advance. I usually only write an article in a week. It never takes me a few hours to do it all at once, but I write part of it when I have time. Blogging is a very enjoyable process for me.

4. Which platform to write on

There are too many places to write articles now, so there will be many choices, which will make people confused. Where is the real gathering place for technicians? I found that many technical people who love to write articles will first write articles on a platform. After slowly accumulating some fame on this platform, they will be invited by various editors or for promotion purposes, and will synchronize their articles on various popular platforms, then drain to their own independent blogs, and finally open their own public numbers.

If you are new to writing, I suggest you choose a platform to understand the rules and technical atmosphere of this platform. If all aspects are more appropriate to you, then you can choose it to write and publish articles. After the platform has accumulated some fame, you can choose to open your own blog. As for which platform to choose, I think IT’s best to choose a platform that supports Markdown grammar, so you don’t have to pay attention to adjusting the format of the article. In IT technology platform, I like Nugget and SegmentFault community best. The technical atmosphere of both is very good, but the former attracts more views than the latter!

  • Digging for gold
  • SegmentFault
  • Github issues

5. How to promote your own articles?

Good wine is also afraid of deep alleys. Nowadays there are too many people who write technical articles and write well. If they don’t pay much attention to promotion, the articles will soon be submerged in the ocean of knowledge, with little reading, which will affect the motivation and passion of writing articles.Personally, the greatest pleasure of writing articles is to interact with readers and the feedback they bring.If I read less, I will question whether my article is helpful to others and whether the quality of the article is very poor.

In the end, how to promote it? First, we need to study the rules of the platform clearly and be familiar with the rules before we can play with the rules! Next, take the SegmentFault community as an example, you should study it carefully.We have further improved the push of the homepage.In this article, some conditions for how to go to the front page are described in detail:

When one of the above conditions is met, the article will be pushed to the timeline of all users who have subscribed to the relevant tags. This leads to another problem, that is, the use of tags when writing articles. We suggest that in order to expand your potential reading population, the first tag is better to choose a wider technical tag.

6. Why should blog be used instead of cloud notes

As we mentioned above, blogs originate from their own notes, and there may be many people wondering why they don’t take notes directly from impression notes, but also devote themselves to writing blogs? I think the limitations of adopting cloud notes are as follows:

  • Record in notes, more for yourself, unable to carry out in-depth understanding and research
  • Not being able to share it with the vast number of peers is not conducive to finding one’s own shortcomings and more insightful views on the problem.
  • Can’t get similar benefits such as realization of knowledge and promotion of fame, not to mention building a personal brand.

IV. List of Articles in 2018 (50)

Over the past year, I have persisted in blogging, writing more than 50 articles one after another, including some good articles, reprinted by some leading public numbers, and received recognition and praise from others. This has led me to become more and more involved in blogging. All articles are summarized as follows, hoping to be of some help to you.

Vue family barrel

1.Learning Vuex from scratch

2.Learn vue-router from scratch.

3.Vue2.0 communication between parent and child components

4.Vue2.0 Customize Properties and Methods of Directives and Instances

5.Vue2.0 Data Communication Details

6.Inheritance and Extension of Vue2.0 Components

Page performance optimization

1.What are the ways to optimize page performance

2.Lazy loading and preload

3.Function Throttling and Anti-shake


1.In-depth understanding of JavaScript operation mechanism

2.JavaScript pre-interpretation is a non-disciplined mechanism.

3.JavaScript’s Data Type and Its Detection

4.Several form of JavaScript creating object

5.Elaborate on Common Traversal Methods of Arrays

6.Shallow copy and deep copy

7.Javascript Closure Understood

8.You don’t understand this yet?

9.Detailed Explanation of Prototype and Prototype Chain

10.Implementation Principles of Nine Cross-Domain Methods (Full Version)

11.Dom event mechanism

12.Six Common Inheritance Methods of JavaScript

13.JavaScript data type conversion

14.JavaScript Thread Mechanism and Event Mechanism

15.Details of Front End Modularization (Full Edition)

16.What is the difference between the browser and Node’s Event Loop?


1.ES6 core features

2.Extension of ES6 array –Array.from () and Array.of ()

3.Asynchronous Solution –Promise and Await

4.Six Schemes of JS Asynchronous Programming

5.ES6 iterators and generators


1.Several Methods to Realize Three-column Layout

2.Deep understanding of BFC

3.How to Clear Float

4.LESS is what you learn.

5.How to center an element (final version)

6.Several common CSS layouts

7.What you must know about responsive layout

Http protocol and data request

1.Regarding Http protocol, you must know

2.Some Important Concepts about Http Protocol

3.In-depth understanding of HTTPS working principle

4.One article on Ajax principles is enough.

5.Ajax requests background data

6.How does fetch request data

Browser correlation

1.What happens from URL input to page presentation?

2.Browser storage

3.In-depth understanding of browser rendering principles

4.In-depth understanding of browser caching mechanism

Web security

1.Analysis of Six Common Web Security Attacks and Defense


1.How to Preview GitHub Project Online

Actual combat

1.Vue’s Family Barrel Makes an Exquisite Art Troupe Project

Five, 2019 to write articles plan (tentative)

This part of the writing plan refers to great god mu yi yang’sAdvanced Series CatalogAt present, the following topics are tentatively scheduled. Personally, I think these are all important and difficult points at the front and it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of them.

  • Call stack
  • Prototype and prototype chain
  • Implementation principles of bind, call and apply
  • higher-order function
  • JavaScript design pattern
  • Promise Principle and Handwritten Promise
  • Webpack configuration
  • Webpack principle
  • Overview of Computer Network
  • TCP/UDP protocol
  • Http2 protocol
  • websocket
  • Front-end monitoring
  • performance optimization
  • Implementation of skeleton screen
  • Vue3.0 New Features
  • Vue vs. react
  • Implementation Principle of MVVM Framework
  • Diff algorithm
  • Virtual Dom principle
  • Front-end Data Structure and Algorithm

Vi. postscript

In fact, it is not difficult to understand a thing. The difficult thing is how to share a thing with others and let others gain something. I have a habit of reading my previous articles and revising them if I feel dissatisfied. This is the attitude I have always held: the quality of articles is much more important than the quantity. Every article is like my child and should be taken seriously.

The above mentioned many advantages of writing articles. Here, I would like to remind you kindly not to write blogs for the sake of writing blogs. As a programmer, I personally think that the most important thing is my ability to type codes and solve problems at work. Don’t put the cart before the horse and pick up the sesame instead of the watermelon.

To recommend a useful BUG monitoring toolFundebug, welcome to try free!

Finally, make a small advertisement. if you want to know the important and difficult points of the front end, frequently asked questions and new knowledge, you can pay close attention to my public number “front end craftsman”, which is two original and high-quality articles a week, aiming to introduce you to popular language!

Reference articles and books