2019 Simple Web Development Guide

The year 2019 is coming soon, and students will have a hard time in 2018. No matter how everyone goes in 2018, 2019 will still be filled with fuel! Here, I have sorted out the technologies that I personally think will still be or will become mainstream in 2019 to share with you, including front-end, back-end and full stack correlation.

Tools, software

If you want to attack first, you must first sharpen your tools. Using good tools is the basis for development.

Front end

Front-end I think every student doing web development should master, even doing back-end development, basic front-end knowledge is also essential.


Responsive Layout


  • Structured CSS
  • Variables
  • Nested CSS
  • Mixins & Functions
  • Inheritance


  • Data Types, functions, conditionals, loops, operators
  • DOM operations, Events
  • JSON
  • Fetch API
  • ES6+ (arrow function, promise, async / await, destructuring…)

HTML/CSS framework

Html/css will be gradually weakened, but it is still necessary to master one or two popular frameworks.

JS framework

  • React: currently the most popular
  • Vue: Easy to Use, More and More People Use
  • AngularIt used to be very popular, but now it is declining a little.

State management

Server side rendering

Development tools

Mobile terminal

With front-end knowledge, we can also develop mobile phone app.

  • React Native: Use react to Develop Native Applications
  • NativeScript: Use Angular/TypeScript/JavaScript to Develop Native Applications
  • Ionic: Developing Hybrid Applications Using HTML/CSS/JS
  • Flutter: Use Dart Language to Develop Native Applications
  • Xamarin: Use C# to Develop Native Applications

Desktop end

Even desktop app!

  • Electron: Use chromium and node.js, compatible with windows, mac, linux

Back end


If front-end students want to become full stack, it is essential to learn a back-end language.

  • Node.JsNodejs will become a necessary skill for the front-end even if it does not work as a full stack.
  • Python: python is more suitable for students who want to expand in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis besides web development.
  • C#A language one likes very much, very elegant and efficient.
  • Go: More and more popular languages with a strong standard library to reduce dependence on third parties
  • PHPAlthough many people think shitty, they have to admit that too many websites are written by php. wordpress is really popular

Rear end frame


CMS(Content Management System)

If you don’t want to develop your own website, it is also good to use a ready-made CMS system.

Operational basis

Basic knowledge of operation and maintenance is also needed, otherwise I would be worried if I could not get online by writing a website myself.



GraphQL is simply an API query language (QL = query language), which provides a revolutionary API implementation. GraphQL is a specification rather than an implementation. Apollo is the hottest implementation of GraphQL. For more information:Awesome GraphQL.


TypeScript has been born for several years and has become very popular in the past two years. Many frameworks and tools are written by typescript, such as vscode, angular, ant-design. Please refer to for more information.github. Typescript is worth learning for students who want to develop frameworks or libraries, but they are preferred to master es6+babel development methods.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

User experience is an eternal topic. Everyone wants to use websites that experience native applications, so PWA is an inevitable trend. For more information, please refer togithub awesome PWA


Perhaps WebAssembly may not replace javascript, but when everyone starts talking about it, they should also learn it for the sake of curiosity. .