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Angular is a front-end framework for enterprise application development. Mastering Angular-related technologies will help us improve development efficiency and write high-quality front-end code.


Angular version 1.x

AngularJS was born in 2009, founded by misko heyy and others, and later acquired by Google. It is an excellent front-end JS framework and has been used in many Google products. AngularJS has many features, the core of which are: MVW(Model-View-Whatever), modularity, automated two-way data binding, semantic tagging, dependency injection, etc. At present, it is stable at 1.7.x and has entered the “Long Term Support” version. Google said it will support it for a long time.
On the whole, the new project using version 1.x has little benefit and can be used for maintenance and upgrade of the old project.

1、AngualrA novice course

1.x version of the introductory tutorial. There is a debugging environment, you can learn while doing it, and you can also try various instructions on it.

2. GoogleOfficial documents, andOfficial apis

More authoritative, covering all aspects, English is a little difficult to read.

3. OfficialsDocument translationAnd the governmentAPI translation

The Chinese translation is full and accurate, but the disadvantages are that the version may be slightly delayed and the accuracy is slightly poor.

4, desert in autumnTutorial video

The desert used to be Google’s official evangelist, speaking with authority and easy to understand.

Angular 2+ version

Angular is a MVVM(Model-View-ViewModel) type Web framework developed by Google, which has superior performance and excellent cross-platform capability. Usually developed in conjunction with TypeScript, JavaScript or Dart can also be used to provide a seamless upgrade transition scheme. It was officially released in September 2016 and has been released to version 6.0. Angular 2+ is relatively large and complete, easy to use, high in development efficiency, and suitable for enterprise-level internal management system.
Recommended for new projects, latest stable version 6.0+

1、Official documentsAnd the governmentDocument translation

The first is the document, which contains an example tutorial. Follow the tutorial process and go through it again to get started with the development project. The Chinese translation is very timely synchronized with the Angular master station.

2、AngularThe Way to Cultivate Immortals

The complete set of Angular introductory documents written by a technical classmate are all in Chinese and easy to understand. The version is based on Angular4+, which is large in length, detailed in content, independent in content and suitable for reading in fragments.

3、Angular from 0 to 1

The author of “Angular from Zero to One” wrote a hands-on introductory tutorial, an electronic condensed version of the book.

4、Angular NewsAnd AngularTopic

The Angular news maintained in Zhihu includes the latest Angular developments and related updates.

5、Technology blog

A technician’s blog about Angular, 99+ articles of dry goods.

6、Fast Track BlogAndAngular Material complete strategy

A technician’s blog is more powerful.

7、Lighting workshop

Taiwan’s Angular developers have blogs, in-depth analysis and articles for beginners, with detailed contents.

8. Angular 230 Days to March on God’s Way

High quality full set of tutorials for traditional Chinese community.

UI interface and component library

Angular’s own command line tool is very powerful, it can create projects, add files and perform a lot of development tasks, such as testing, packaging and publishing. For more detailed operations, please refer toCli Command GuideAngular itself has no UI interface, and there are many excellent component libraries of third parties in the industry.


Angular implementation of Ant Design supports Angular4.0~6.0. Pay attention to the selection of Angular version and corresponding version.


The Admin system solution based on ng-zorro-antd is an enterprise-class front end/design solution scaffold.

3、Angular Material

Angular officially maintains its own UI component library.


Bootstrap officially implements the UI component library.


Bootstrap is implemented unofficially, with slightly different components and different ways of introducing files.

6、Clarity Design

Vmware’s Angular Component Library, New.


Angular implementation of chart echarts.


The open source ui framework of a foreign commercial company is large and complete.

9、Element angular edition

A practical UI component library produced by Hunghom Front End.


A ui library specially designed and developed for mobile terminals can develop H5 and hybrid mobile phone applications.

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