Git Time Shuttle-Goddess’s Side Face

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The dog egg was nearly 30 years old and was forced by her mother to marry Big Flower in the next village.
Dog eggs are tired of farming and feel that their life is up to them.
So on a large-scale dating platform about a brother-in-law
The dog egg felt cheated, so he asked me to accompany him to Mianji tonight.

We were all shocked when we arrived at the appointed hotel.
The moment I saw my brother-in-law’s paper, we both fell
The light of the creation of the universe impacts our sky and bones.

Since dog eggs have been tapping codes since childhood, no woman has been seen.
Beads of sweat as big as beans appeared on the forehead of dog eggs.
Legs are like diesel motors shaking under a table.
The goddess asked, “hmm? An earthquake? “
I quickly inserted a toothpick into the dog’s egg’s leg.
Smile and say: “Hello, Goddess, that’s my heartbeat after seeing you.”
Then I looked at the dog egg and his hands clasped the dog leg.
Beads of sweat the size of potatoes rose from his forehead.

After stabilizing the situation, I quickly made a multi-dimensional analysis of the goddess:
From the timbre, we know that she is from the south.
Height 168cm Net Weight 96 kg
There can be no more C cups.
Gc bag+lv belt+Burberry scarf
According to her blusher’s gradual color change and eye shadow’s strokes, the conclusion is drawn.
She is a killer. . .
Our psychological defense line has fallen again.

I didn’t expect to have such an affair today.
I regret that I have come in slippers.
You should take out your Adi Wang sneakers
Since I am a proud diaosi and can’t win in temperament
At the very least, it is necessary to be equal and equal.

After regaining consciousness, he called the waiter to order
The goddess said gracefully and expertly:
“A fillet steak imported from Italy, medium rare
A cup of cappuccino coffee and sugar “
The waiter asked, “What would you like to order?”
Dog eggs blurted out because they were used to the mess hall pot with snacks.
“Give me a pot of vinegar potato shreds and two kilos of rice.”
Looking at the waiter twisted expression on her face
The scene once fell into a dead silence.

All right, now that the situation is out of control, I’ll break it
I reached under the table and told him in a sign code.
Now it is the second stage of the blind date and pick up hot chicks can begin.
Go ahead, dog egg ~

The dog eggs adjusted their skirts after receiving the instructions.
“Goddess, do you have body odor?”
The goddess stopped her chewing mouth and said, “no”
The dog egg continued its evil charm and said, “Since you don’t have body odor, why are you as charming as a fox?”
. . . .
After hearing this sentence, I felt as if I had been struck by lightning.
Where on earth did Nima learn this earthy pick up hot chicks love story
The whole scene almost collapsed and the elegant atmosphere fell apart.
All the customers at the next table left

The dog egg saw the expression on my face and was ashamed and helpless, not knowing what he said wrong.
I reached under the table in despair and told him in a sign code:
“Dog eggs, you’d better go home and knock on the code, and talk about what excited eight love pit dead father.”
Dog egg ashamed reply with gestures:
“Small tadpoles I decided to go back to the village to marry big flowers
I went back to the company to work overtime. I’ll leave it to you to end up here. I’m sorry, brother. “
I comforted him with gestures: “mua mua hug”

The goddess recovered from her panic and asked me, “Why did he leave, little tadpole and dog egg?”
I casually perfunctorily said, “You are so beautiful that he feels unworthy.”
The goddess bowed her head and said, “oh. . . Sorry. “
I: “You can dress uglier in the future, or you will scare off us middle-and low-end diaosi.”
The goddess sighed and said, “I didn’t think being beautiful is also a mistake.”
. . . . .
To be honest, if someone said this, I might go up and chop him up.
But the goddess said this sentence completely can’t see that she is pretending to force very natural and true

I adjusted my mood and said solemnly to her, “Since the blind date failed today, we can get together and finish our work, I will go back to work overtime.”
The goddess asked doubtfully, “What do you do as a tadpole to get back to work?”
I: “I am a Tencent low-level front-end chopping engineering corpse.”
Goddess: “How much do you earn every month?”
I: “plus my wife’s salary, the monthly income is minus 200 dollars.”
Goddess: “What car are you driving?”
I pointed to the ofo bicycle outside the window with the two-dimensional code erased.
Goddess: “Is there a room in Beijing?”
I: “I rented a small single room of 8 square meters outside the 6th Ring Road in Beijing.”

At some point, even I felt sad.
An old man is still a cheap diaosi who works in the bottom floor.

The goddess wittily and lovably said: “Little tadpole, to tell you the truth, I am also a front-end engineer.”
I tightened my hands a bit: “Then I’ll test your front-end security. Which aspects should I pay attention to?”
The goddess said: “xss, csrf, arp, xff, man-in-the-middle attack, carrier hijacking, riot brush.”
Holding grass, goddess can, xff so unexpected security issues can be known, not simple.

Goddess: “Little Tadpole, I’ll give you a quiz.”
I this steel straight men fighting desire immediately got up.
If you want to talk about looks, I can’t compare with others, but you need to talk about skills.
With my father’s years of brick removal experience in Ali and Tencent
Little sister, accept father’s punishment ~

Goddess: “then I asked, a string of characters’ i love you’, encrypted with sha256 irreversible algorithm, the obtained value is passed to Fourier change function, and finally derivative is made with < lagrange theorem > and < pinch theorem >.”
The goddess suddenly strengthened her voice: “So, Tadpole, what are your mobile phone number and WeChat number respectively?”
After asking, the goddess’s face turned red and she bowed her head shyly.

I looked puzzled and only heard the words “lagrange” and “pinching theorem” in the whole process. what the hell is this?
I secretly checked the “pinch theorem” with my mobile phone.
What kind of ghost is this? It’s too difficult, I can’t do that.
After 30 years as a diaosi
I didn’t feel anything when I was scolded or beaten.
However, this time, the self-esteem of straight steel men was hurt.
I am deeply distressed.

The goddess looked at me disappointedly and said, “Such a simple topic, won’t it?”
Holding the grass, I heard the goddess say that the topic of “lagrange+pinching theorem” is simple.
It is tantamount to throwing salt on the wound. It is simply a cruel act of flogging a corpse.

The goddess, seeing my depressed face, became more and more disgusted and impetuous and said, “Little tadpoles can’t see that you are really bad. Before I thought you had a different soul, it seems that you are really bad.”
I continued to immerse myself in frustration and remorse.
The goddess added, “diaosi tadpole, I will give you one last chance to ask you a simple technical question and give me a reason to respect you.”

It’s really a shame to pretend not to be killed this time.
Unexpectedly, the goddess gave another chance.
I instantly straightened up and smiled through tears: “Goddess, please ask the question.”

Git reflog time shuttle

Problem description

Goddess said: “Our company has a new front-end white. She is not familiar with git. The code that she has worked so hard for a week is gone.”
I: “oh? Why not? “
Goddess: “Enter git log at the terminal and list all commit information, as shown in the following figure:”
Goddess: “The information of commit is very simple, that is, it has done 6 functions, and each function corresponds to the submission of a commit, namely, feature-1 to feature-6.”
I said, “Okay, then what?”
Goddess: “Then the front-end white pit dad, the implementation of a forced rollback, as follows:”

git reset --hard 2216d4e

Goddess: “Xiao Bai rolled back to feature-1, and –hard was added when rolling back, causing all the codes from feature-2 to feature-6 to be lost. now git log is shown as follows:”
Goddess: “Now there is no code for feature-2 to feature-6.”
Goddess: “Xiaobai has added a new commit submission on this basis. The information is called feature-7, as shown in the following figure:”
Goddess: “now there is no feature-2 to feature-6, and there is one more feature-7.”
Goddess: “So how can the tadpole recover all the lost codes feature-2 to feature-6, and also keep the code of feature-7?”
Goddess: “Diaosi Tadpole, Start Your Performance”
My smile grew wild: “ah, ha, ha, ha! I will do this! Let dad teach you. “


This question is a classic git question. Basically, every time someone from Tencent News comes to the front of the interview, as long as he writes “proficient in git” on his resume, I will ask this question, and basically 90% of the people can’t answer it.
In fact, it can be solved by git reflog and gitchery-pick.
Basically mastered git reflog and gitchery-pick, your git command line operation is even a successful entry.
Come on, let’s talk about how to operate one by one.
You only need to enter in the terminal:

git reflog

Then you will show all your previous git operations. All your previous operations have been recorded by git, as shown in the following figure:
At this time, remember two values: 4c97ff3 and cd52afc, which are the hash codes of feature-7 and feature-6 respectively. Then perform a rollback to return to feature-6:

git reset --hard cd52afc

Now we return to feature-6, as shown in the following figure:
Ok, we went back to feature-6, but feature-7 is gone. how can we add it? At this time, git cherry-pick was used. Just now we know that the hash code of feature-7 is 4c97ff3. The operation is as follows:

git cherry-pick 4c97ff3

Once you have typed it, your feature-7 code will come back. There may be some conflicts during this period, just follow the prompts to resolve them. The final result is as follows:
Whether it is very simple, the codes of feature-1 to feature-7 are merged together, and the previous codes are all returned.
Speaking of which, I saw a satisfied smile on the goddess’s face.

The ending

After explaining git’s operation skills to the goddess, it was already over eleven o’clock in the evening.
I said, “Goddess, it’s getting late.”
The goddess said in a charming way: “Little tadpoles have some technical principles. I don’t quite understand whether you can come to my house tonight to continue the discussion.”
The goddess added, “if you come to my house, I will tell you the ultimate meaning of lagrange and pinching theorem.”

I immediately lost in thought
In fact, according to the performance of the goddess tonight, eye contact and physical communication
I have already understood the goddess’s intention very well.

In Lu Xun’s words to describe is:
“Do you know my pretended to reserve
I understand your plot
We don’t reveal each other.
This feeling is the most beautiful. “

I have to admit that the first few seconds of ambiguity are like love.
I’m sorry if I go upstairs with the goddess
No, I’m sorry for myself

At this moment, I suddenly remembered my sleeping wife at home.
Although she is very fierce to me, she sleeps and snores.
But she stayed with me in Beijing
Thought of here, I have tears in my eyes
So he turned to the goddess and said firmly and firmly to the goddess, “I’ll go home with you.”

When she arrived at the goddess’s house, she took off her coat.
Under the dim light, her hair spread all over me.
Erosion of mind

Lu Xun was right: “The best way to resist temptation is to yield to it.”

I gave up my resistance as my faith broke down.
The whole body is in a limp and numb state.
So far, gamblers have been trading with demons and selling their souls.

Just when everyone thought they were going to get into the theme
The goddess suddenly sat up straight and said seriously, “The tadpole thing has come to an end. I need to confess one thing to you.”

Confession? ? ? Does the goddess want to confess to me that she is a devil? ?
Goddess: “I’m sorry, actually I’m not a goddess. I’m a senior headhunter of xxx company.”
My tiger body shook: “what?”

Goddess: “Tadpole, do you need to change jobs recently? I have senior front-end positions of Ali xx, head x and ant xx who are in urgent need of talents. after testing you tonight, I think you can have a try. “

A face of meng forced me to freeze my heart’s blood instantly, and I heard the sound of a split in my heart’s core.
The headhunter continued to tease, “If you take the initiative, we will have a story tonight.”
To tell the truth, when a diaosi loses trust in you, the seductive tease that looks beautiful and attractive is just casting pearls before swine
I said coldly, “I don’t want to see you again.”

It turned out that all this was a hoax tonight. It was just a hoax.
Perhaps seeing my wretched face goddess has vomited countless times in her heart.
But also pretend to like it
You can play with my feelings but oppress my soul. This is your fault.

To me, being a goddess of licking dogs for 30 years is just a mirage.
Behind diaosi kneeling and licking is only a dried-up heart
I lost
For the first time in ten years of marriage, I felt lovelorn.
But thank you for giving me a different night.

At 1: 30 in the morning, I stepped on the ofo yellow car with the two-dimensional code erased.
Riding alone on the 6th Ring Road to the North
On empty streets
There is Jay Chou’s “journey to the south”:

Street view has been retreating.
Crashed in bits and pieces outside the window.
I am journey to the south, leaving your season
I’m too tired to love anyone anymore.


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