How to be a front-end alchemist of Biling!


Do you want to intuitively understand the front-end knowledge points? Do you want to learn some strange tricks? Come on, meet you!


Figure front end

There are many technical points at the front end, including abstract and obscure knowledge points, which cannot be expressed intuitively in words. Therefore, many developers have a correct understanding of these knowledge points. If we show them through pictures, it will be easy to understand. Therefore, the Diagram project hopes that developers can understand the knowledge points in the front-end technology field through this way.

We will update regularly every week, updating 5 technical diagrams or mind maps in each issue.

Review these diagrams every week. I believe that before long, you can become a great god at the front!

Project address:Github portal

After learning these knowledge, there are still some technical points that we may not think of. What are they?



In the process of web development, we have all seen or used some strange techniques and tricks. this technique is collectively called black magic. these black magic are scattered in every corner. in order to make it convenient for everyone to consult and learn, we have collected, sorted out and classified them. we have also made a project on github-awe-blackberry.

  • Black magic: js/ts/es6, 7
  • Blue Magic: Front End Frames such as react/vue/angular
  • Green Magic: nodejs
  • Red Magic: web Security
  • Purple Magic: Tools
  • Yellow magic: html/css
  • Orange magic: golangphp etc.

As shown in the above list, we have classified various types of skills. With continuous iteration and optimization, we will continue to add new contents and classifications. I hope that all students who love to study can like it and share their unique skills. If you are interested, you can send us pr.

Project address:Github portal

If you are interested in the front end, welcome to join our QQ group (784383520)!