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The layoffs of the layoffs, those who did not are on the way to layoffs. In addition, some people have already cheated on the year-end bonus. According to the fine tradition, after the year, many people quit their jobs and rush to better jobs that cheat wages. Therefore, how to compile resumes (pay attention to editing, not writing, I think this word is very meaningful)?

In fact, it is not a difficult thing to compile a resume. The essence of this matter is: you are introducing your career to a stranger in the same trade. If your system has covered the other party, you can control the market for a while (it does not necessarily mean you will be employed). If you are enveloped by the other party, you are the abused one (doesn’t mean you won’t be employed). In short, it is a word:

If you can’t bluff the interviewer, you need 50K. If you can’t bluff the interviewer, you need 5K.

Unexpectedly, today, I actually need to write such a tutorial with a topic similar to “Lao Li teaches you how to make a resume by hand” or “follow yongqiang to learn how to make a resume” or “Yu ju Zhu details how to make a resume”.

This shows how bad this PHPer is.

Let’s start with the appearance of a reliable resume:

  • First of all, please use PDF format instead of poor document formats such as doc, docx, doc*. I still have to explain the reason, because I have also been an interviewer, and I have seen all kinds of magical doc documents misplaced, disorganized, or even scrambled after opening, which greatly affects the visual senses. Everyone is very busy, and when opening such a mess, the mood is very bad, so sift it out directly. I know how to say it will be tricky: “How can word be messy? If I open it here, I will not be confused. “I will not discriminate against the essence of leverage, and I will also offer a friendly reminder without discrimination:

  • Secondly, please be professional in file name, please use the format of “name-occupation-working years. pdf” to name your resume, and avoid “resume. pdf”. some people who are not particular about file name are not even two words of resume. they are just random lump of characters, such as yhc.docx. or that sentence, everyone is quite busy. The main reason is that please provide as much information as possible to good-looking HR younger sisters so that they can re duce some fearless workload. The secondary reason is that your resume name can make people get a lot of information at a glance and be picked up in the first place.

Then, the more important place came and what was written in it.

Personally, I think that a resume consists of four parts, which are in order of importance: first, personal information part, second, skill point explanation part, third, project experience part, and fourth, company experience.

In the end, I will mention the modifiability degree of this part. What is the modifiability degree? ? ?

Can the story of a scholar be called stealing? -Kong Yiji

Let’s start with the first part, the personal information part. You can write down what you are told when you go out for a big health care service and are arrested by the police uncle. The decoration level is relatively low and has a little decoration value.

Besides, the second part is about the description of the distribution of personal skill points. This item is very important. Interviewers will attach great importance to this item and HR generally cannot understand it. Many people write poorly here. The meaning of this sentence is: those with good connotation write poorly here, and those without connotation write poorly here. So “people with good connotations” seem to be similar to “people without connotations” on their resumes. It is better not to write the word “proficient” in this place. Although HR may really like people with the word “proficient” on their resumes, you also need to know that the word “proficient” will also bring great resentment or ridicule to your interviewers. In short, you should do it according to your own situation, in case you are really proficient? Then I said I have seen most people how this place is made up, generally is:

Familiar with PHP, familiar with YiiLavarel framework
Familiar with Linux, can build XXXX environment
Familiar with git or svn version management
Familiar with MySQL and database optimization
Familiar with the use of Redis or Memcache

I dare say that most people write it that way. I’ll take the interviewer’s stand and explain what I think when I see such a resume in the vernacular.

Familiar with PHP, familiar with YiiLavarel framework (copy and paste, CURD, is dry! )
Familiar with Linux usage, can build XXXX environment (can knock cd, ls command, can apt install nginx)
Familiar with the use of git or svn version management (know git push, know git pull)
Familiar with MySQL and database optimization (select update and delete, add indexes)
Familiar with the use of Redis or Memcache (can set key, can get key)

What is the problem? In fact, the problem is not that these in-line colloquial expressions fail to show your standard. The key to this problem is: why do you pick out your resume when everyone writes like this?

So this place, can try to use the following to express, pay attention to combine your own mastery:

PHP: familiar with PHP syntax, familiar with PHP object-oriented, can be combined with appropriate design patterns according to business logic. familiar with PHP SPL standard library, have some experience on some advanced usage of PHP, such as pcntl multi-process module, socket module. have some own accumulation and experience on all aspects of SWOOLE. how about ZendVM for the bottom layer?
Redis: familiar with the use of data structures commonly used in Redis, you can select the appropriate data structure in combination with business scenarios. familiar with Redis cluster, you have a certain understanding of the principle of cluster implementation scheme, and you have a comparative understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of common centralized cluster schemes in the market. for the bottom layer, you have a certain understanding of the implementation of underlying data structures such as Redis SET.

All right, I’ll give you two examples. The explanation of skill points should be similar to the above one, or the same sentence: it is better not to be proficient.

What adjectives should we use? Let me sum up some commonly used words for you: familiar with, have some, master, understand, have some, experience, etc.

The second part: the degree of embellishment is slightly higher and has embellishment value. The main thing is that you should be able to deal with the interviewer’s questions about the embellishment.

Continue with the third part, the project experience part. This part is actually a practical exercise description of the skill point assignment description in the second part. You should reveal two points in this project:

  • Highlights. Which part of the project do you feel proud of or learn something new? For example, ECDH and MySQL middleware are used in the project.
  • Difficulties. Which part of the project did you think was difficult for you for a few days, and then you solved it through your own efforts and what was the solution?

However, most people write like this:

Responsible for user login registration module, background management, multi-role authority control, and management and screening of advertising business modules.

If you write like this, others write like this.

Part III: The degree of embellishment is relatively high and has high embellishment value. The main reason is that you should be able to deal with the interviewer’s questions about the embellishment.

The last point is the company’s experience, and there is nothing to say about it. If you can, I suggest you merge some small company experiences and merge them directly into one. For a few unlucky students, such as those who quit after working for less than 10 companies for three months, I suggest modifying it to “go to a friend company to help him temporarily assemble a small team”.

However, at the end of the day, I still want to tell you how cruel the world is. Even if your resume is really good and uses the right words, it will be useless if you meet the same interviewer as the idiot. Idiots here are understood as two types:

  • Pretending to force superior diss is your type. This type may still employ you.
  • If you are not pleasing to the eye, you will be prickly when you speak. According to your psychological endurance, please make corresponding actions yourself.

I have to admit, as long as we look at the two sides’ opportunism, resumes and other things can be put aside.

找到一个合适的工作是你和这家公司的事儿 : 一个愿打 , 一个愿挨 .
能应聘到这个合适的工作是你和面试官的事儿 : wangba看绿豆 — 对上眼了 .

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