Hyperf v1.0 release, a new enterprise-class PHP collaboration framework

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Hyperf is based onSwoole 4.3+The high-performance and high-flexibility PHP coordination framework, built-in coordination server and a large number of commonly used components, has better performance than the traditional one based onPHP-FPMThe framework of the has been improved qualitatively, providing ultra-high performance while maintaining extremely flexible scalability. The standard components are all based onPSR standardImplementation, based on a powerful dependency injection design, ensures that most components or classes areReplaceableAndReusableYes.

In addition to the common coordinated version of theMySQL clientRedis client, but also for you to prepare the association version of theEloquent ORMJSON RPC service's and clientsGRPC server and clientZipkin (OpenTracing) clientGuzzle HTTP clientElasticsearch clientConsul clientETCD clientAMQP componentApollo configuration centerAriyun ACM Application Configuration ManagementCurrent Limiter Based on Token Bucket AlgorithmUniversal connection poolFuseSwagger document generationComponents such as, save yourself the trouble of implementing the corresponding coordination version, Hyperf also providesDependency Injection Container Based on PSR-11annotationAOP Oriented Aspect ProgrammingMiddleware Based on PSR-15Custom processPSR-14 Based Event ManagerRedis/RabbitMQ message queueAutomatic model cachePSR-16 based cacheAnd other very convenient functions, meet the rich technical and business scenarios, out of the box.

Framework original intention

Although the framework developed based on PHP language is in an era of contention, we still have not seen a perfect framework of elegant design and ultra-high performance coexistence, nor a framework that really paves the way for PHP microservices. This is the original intention of Hyperf and its team members. We will continue to invest and make efforts for this and welcome you to join us in the open source construction.

Design concept

Hyperspeed + Flexibility = HyperfFrom the name we willhypervelocityAndFlexibilityAs the gene of Hyperf f.

  • For ultra-high speed, we base on Swoole coordination process and make a lot of optimization in the framework design to ensure ultra-high performance output.
  • For flexibility, we are based on Hyperf’s powerful dependency injection components, all of which are based onPSR standardThe contract of and the contract defined by Hyperf are implemented so that most components or classes within the framework are replaceable.

Based on the above characteristics, Hyperf will have rich possibilities, such as implementing Web services, gateway services, distributed middleware, microservice architecture, game servers, Internet of Things (IOT), etc.

Complete documentation

We have invested a lot of time in the construction of documents to solve various problems caused by missing documents. The documents also provide a large number of examples and are equally friendly to beginners.

Production availability

We conducted a large number of unit tests for the components to ensure the correct logic and maintained high-quality documents. Before Hyperf was officially opened to the public (June 20, 2019), we had already launched a number of services in a C-round and a B-round Internet company and had run the project perfectly for more than half a year in a stable manner. After passing the test of harsh production environment (such as 618), we officially opened the project to the public.

Official website and communication

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