Why don’t you eat minced meat

  Machine learning

Recently, I have used my spare time to learn machine learning. During this period, I collected a lot of learning materials, including public classes and lectures at Stanford/Cornell and other universities, as well as original English books in the field of machine learning. Personally, I think it is more in-depth and accurate than the introductory course with unknown sources in major domestic communities, or the authoritative information of the first hand, so why not eat minced meat?

In addition, the field of machine learning is abundant and wide, and its application is even more extensive than it can be. As an ML white, the content of this article will not be more complete, not seeking perfection, but merely throwing bricks to attract jade and exchanging learning together.

1. Computer Foundation

2. Mathematical and Statistical Basis

  • Linear algebra
  • Calculus
  • Optimization
  • Basic Statistics
  • Real Analysis and Functional Analysis [Not Required]

3. Getting Started

4. Advanced

  • [Mining Massive Data Sets

](http://web.stanford.edu/class …The previous courses were mainly about supervised learning. this Stanford course is slightly broader and not entirely machine learning, but it is helpful to expand knowledge and practice.

5. Application

6. Framework

7. Extended Precautions

Some of the whitest introductions can be skipped by big brothers.

8. Machine Learning System and Platform

Amway time

In the process of web development, we have all seen or used some strange techniques and tricks. this technique is collectively referred to as black magic. these black magic are scattered in all corners. in order to make it convenient for everyone to consult and learn, we have collected, sorted out and classified them, and made a project on github-awesome-blackmargic, I hope you love to study the developers can like, also hope you can share their unique skills, if you are interested can send us pr.

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