[case38] Talk about redis’ Monitoring Tool



This article mainly studies the monitoring tool of redis


redis-statIt is a well-known monitoring tool for the visualization of redis indicators. It is developed by ruby and counted by info command based on redis without affecting redis performance.

  • Docker run
docker run --name redis-stat -p 8080:63790 -d insready/redis-stat --server
  • Running example diagram


RedisLiveIt is a visualization and query analysis tool for redis developed by python.

  • Docker run
docker run --name redis-live -p 8888:8888 -d snakeliwei/redislive
  • Running example diagram



redmonWeb interfaces of cli and admin are provided, and redis can also be monitored in real time.

  • Docker run
docker run -p 4567:4567 -d  vieux/redmon -r redis://
  • Running example diagram


redis_exporterExporter, which has provided Prometheus with redis index, supports Redis 2.x, 3.x and 4.x, and cooperates with Prometheus and grafana’sPrometheus RedisPlug-in that can be visualized and monitored in grafana.

  • Running example diagram


Redis-stat, redisLive and redmon are ready-made Redis monitoring tools, which can only visualize indicators but not monitor them. Based on redis_exporter and grafana, indicators can be visualized and monitoring alarms can be realized, which can be considered for integration into production applications.