Talk about micrometer of springboot2.



This paper mainly studies the micrometer of springboot2.


Springboot2 introduces micrometer into Spring-Boot-Actor, which reconstructs 1.x metrics. In addition, the monitoring system supporting docking is richer (Atlas、Datadog、Ganglia、Graphite、Influx、JMX、NewRelic、Prometheus、SignalFx、StatsD、Wavefront)。 1.x’s metrics are a little bit aligned with dropwizard-metrics, while micrometer supports tag with the exception that some basic metrics are similar to DropWizard-metrics. This is a very important signal, indicating that the older generation of statsd and graphite are gradually giving way to the influx and prometheus that support tag.

The original statsd of etsy does not support tag, but datadog and influx have improved statsd to support tag. Influxdb and prometheus are born to support tag.


  • dropwizard-metrics guage
            final Gauge<Long> sizeGauge = new Gauge<Long>() {
                public Long getValue() {
                    return bufferPoolMXBean.getCount();
  • micrometer
Gauge gauge = Gauge
    .builder("gauge", myObj, myObj::gaugeValue)
    .description("a description of what this gauge does") // optional
    .tags("region", "test") // optional

You can see that micrometer supports tag.

metrics tag/label

Regarding whether metrics supports tag/label, it means whether metrics can have multi-dimensional support. Like statsd does not support tag, if you want to distinguish the same jvm index of multiple host, you usually add prefix to solve it, but this brings a lot of invariance to query statistics and subsequent expansion.

The advantage of supporting tag is that multi-dimensional statistics and queries can be carried out. For jvm indexes of the same microservice but different instances, host identification can be added through tag, so that the monitoring system can flexibly view the granularity of different hosts or even different data centers according to tag query filtering.


Springboot2 enables the/actor/Prometheus endpoint for prometheus to grab the pointer.






# HELP process_cpu_usage The "recent cpu usage" for the Java Virtual Machine process
# TYPE process_cpu_usage gauge
process_cpu_usage 0.0
# HELP tomcat_global_request_seconds  
# TYPE tomcat_global_request_seconds summary
tomcat_global_request_seconds_count{name="http-nio-8080",} 2.0
tomcat_global_request_seconds_sum{name="http-nio-8080",} 0.111
# HELP tomcat_global_received_bytes_total  
# TYPE tomcat_global_received_bytes_total counter
tomcat_global_received_bytes_total{name="http-nio-8080",} 0.0
# HELP jvm_buffer_count An estimate of the number of buffers in the pool
# TYPE jvm_buffer_count gauge
jvm_buffer_count{id="mapped",} 0.0
jvm_buffer_count{id="direct",} 4.0
# HELP jvm_threads_live The current number of live threads including both daemon and non-daemon threads
# TYPE jvm_threads_live gauge
jvm_threads_live 43.0
# HELP process_files_open The open file descriptor count
# TYPE process_files_open gauge
process_files_open 84.0
# HELP tomcat_threads_current  
# TYPE tomcat_threads_current gauge
tomcat_threads_current{name="http-nio-8080",} 10.0
# HELP tomcat_servlet_error_total  
# TYPE tomcat_servlet_error_total counter
tomcat_servlet_error_total{name="default",} 0.0
# HELP process_start_time_seconds The start time of the Java virtual machine
# TYPE process_start_time_seconds gauge
process_start_time_seconds 1.521297826521E9
# HELP tomcat_sessions_active_max  
# TYPE tomcat_sessions_active_max gauge
tomcat_sessions_active_max 0.0
# HELP tomcat_servlet_request_max_seconds  
# TYPE tomcat_servlet_request_max_seconds gauge
tomcat_servlet_request_max_seconds{name="default",} 0.0
# HELP jvm_memory_used_bytes The amount of used memory
# TYPE jvm_memory_used_bytes gauge
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-nmethods'",} 3073408.0
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Metaspace",} 4.2002072E7
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Compressed Class Space",} 5467256.0
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Eden Space",} 1.05906176E8
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Old Gen",} 1.8914304E7
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Survivor Space",} 1.048576E7
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods'",} 9643520.0
# HELP tomcat_sessions_rejected_total  
# TYPE tomcat_sessions_rejected_total counter
tomcat_sessions_rejected_total 0.0
# HELP system_load_average_1m The sum of the number of runnable entities queued to available processors and the number of runnable entities running on the available processors averaged over a period of time
# TYPE system_load_average_1m gauge
system_load_average_1m 3.796875
# HELP tomcat_threads_config_max  
# TYPE tomcat_threads_config_max gauge
tomcat_threads_config_max{name="http-nio-8080",} 200.0
# HELP tomcat_cache_hit_total  
# TYPE tomcat_cache_hit_total counter
tomcat_cache_hit_total 0.0
# HELP tomcat_sessions_active_current  
# TYPE tomcat_sessions_active_current gauge
tomcat_sessions_active_current 0.0
# HELP jvm_gc_pause_seconds Time spent in GC pause
# TYPE jvm_gc_pause_seconds summary
jvm_gc_pause_seconds_count{action="end of minor GC",cause="Metadata GC Threshold",} 1.0
jvm_gc_pause_seconds_sum{action="end of minor GC",cause="Metadata GC Threshold",} 0.017
jvm_gc_pause_seconds_max{action="end of minor GC",cause="Metadata GC Threshold",} 0.017
jvm_gc_pause_seconds_count{action="end of minor GC",cause="G1 Evacuation Pause",} 1.0
jvm_gc_pause_seconds_sum{action="end of minor GC",cause="G1 Evacuation Pause",} 0.019
jvm_gc_pause_seconds_max{action="end of minor GC",cause="G1 Evacuation Pause",} 0.019
# HELP logback_events_total Number of error level events that made it to the logs
# TYPE logback_events_total counter
logback_events_total{level="error",} 0.0
logback_events_total{level="warn",} 0.0
logback_events_total{level="info",} 39.0
logback_events_total{level="debug",} 0.0
logback_events_total{level="trace",} 0.0
# HELP jvm_gc_memory_promoted_bytes_total Count of positive increases in the size of the old generation memory pool before GC to after GC
# TYPE jvm_gc_memory_promoted_bytes_total counter
jvm_gc_memory_promoted_bytes_total 0.0
# HELP jvm_buffer_total_capacity_bytes An estimate of the total capacity of the buffers in this pool
# TYPE jvm_buffer_total_capacity_bytes gauge
jvm_buffer_total_capacity_bytes{id="mapped",} 0.0
jvm_buffer_total_capacity_bytes{id="direct",} 32768.0
# HELP jvm_classes_loaded The number of classes that are currently loaded in the Java virtual machine
# TYPE jvm_classes_loaded gauge
jvm_classes_loaded 8219.0
# HELP jvm_classes_unloaded_total The total number of classes unloaded since the Java virtual machine has started execution
# TYPE jvm_classes_unloaded_total counter
jvm_classes_unloaded_total 0.0
# HELP tomcat_sessions_alive_max_seconds  
# TYPE tomcat_sessions_alive_max_seconds gauge
tomcat_sessions_alive_max_seconds 0.0
# HELP jvm_gc_max_data_size_bytes Max size of old generation memory pool
# TYPE jvm_gc_max_data_size_bytes gauge
jvm_gc_max_data_size_bytes -1.0
# HELP tomcat_sessions_created_total  
# TYPE tomcat_sessions_created_total counter
tomcat_sessions_created_total 0.0
# HELP system_cpu_usage The "recent cpu usage" for the whole system
# TYPE system_cpu_usage gauge
system_cpu_usage 0.0
# HELP jvm_threads_daemon The current number of live daemon threads
# TYPE jvm_threads_daemon gauge
jvm_threads_daemon 41.0
# HELP system_cpu_count The number of processors available to the Java virtual machine
# TYPE system_cpu_count gauge
system_cpu_count 8.0
# HELP jvm_memory_max_bytes The maximum amount of memory in bytes that can be used for memory management
# TYPE jvm_memory_max_bytes gauge
jvm_memory_max_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-nmethods'",} 7553024.0
jvm_memory_max_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Metaspace",} -1.0
jvm_memory_max_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Compressed Class Space",} 1.073741824E9
jvm_memory_max_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Eden Space",} -1.0
jvm_memory_max_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Old Gen",} 4.294967296E9
jvm_memory_max_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Survivor Space",} -1.0
jvm_memory_max_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods'",} 2.44105216E8
# HELP tomcat_sessions_expired_total  
# TYPE tomcat_sessions_expired_total counter
tomcat_sessions_expired_total 0.0
# HELP tomcat_global_sent_bytes_total  
# TYPE tomcat_global_sent_bytes_total counter
tomcat_global_sent_bytes_total{name="http-nio-8080",} 2524.0
# HELP tomcat_global_error_total  
# TYPE tomcat_global_error_total counter
tomcat_global_error_total{name="http-nio-8080",} 0.0
# HELP process_files_max The maximum file descriptor count
# TYPE process_files_max gauge
process_files_max 10240.0
# HELP jvm_gc_live_data_size_bytes Size of old generation memory pool after a full GC
# TYPE jvm_gc_live_data_size_bytes gauge
jvm_gc_live_data_size_bytes 0.0
# HELP jvm_gc_memory_allocated_bytes_total Incremented for an increase in the size of the young generation memory pool after one GC to before the next
# TYPE jvm_gc_memory_allocated_bytes_total counter
jvm_gc_memory_allocated_bytes_total 4977768.0
# HELP tomcat_threads_busy  
# TYPE tomcat_threads_busy gauge
tomcat_threads_busy{name="http-nio-8080",} 1.0
# HELP jvm_memory_committed_bytes The amount of memory in bytes that is committed for  the Java virtual machine to use
# TYPE jvm_memory_committed_bytes gauge
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-nmethods'",} 3080192.0
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Metaspace",} 4.5088768E7
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Compressed Class Space",} 6029312.0
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Eden Space",} 1.92937984E8
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Old Gen",} 1.19537664E8
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Survivor Space",} 1.048576E7
jvm_memory_committed_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods'",} 9699328.0
# HELP jvm_threads_peak The peak live thread count since the Java virtual machine started or peak was reset
# TYPE jvm_threads_peak gauge
jvm_threads_peak 49.0
# HELP http_server_requests_seconds  
# TYPE http_server_requests_seconds summary
http_server_requests_seconds_count{exception="None",method="GET",status="200",uri="/actuator",} 1.0
http_server_requests_seconds_sum{exception="None",method="GET",status="200",uri="/actuator",} 0.046773049
http_server_requests_seconds_max{exception="None",method="GET",status="200",uri="/actuator",} 0.046773049
http_server_requests_seconds_count{exception="None",method="GET",status="200",uri="/**/favicon.ico",} 1.0
http_server_requests_seconds_sum{exception="None",method="GET",status="200",uri="/**/favicon.ico",} 0.020588395
http_server_requests_seconds_max{exception="None",method="GET",status="200",uri="/**/favicon.ico",} 0.020588395
# HELP jvm_buffer_memory_used_bytes An estimate of the memory that the Java virtual machine is using for this buffer pool
# TYPE jvm_buffer_memory_used_bytes gauge
jvm_buffer_memory_used_bytes{id="mapped",} 0.0
jvm_buffer_memory_used_bytes{id="direct",} 32768.0
# HELP tomcat_global_request_max_seconds  
# TYPE tomcat_global_request_max_seconds gauge
tomcat_global_request_max_seconds{name="http-nio-8080",} 0.087
# HELP tomcat_cache_access_total  
# TYPE tomcat_cache_access_total counter
tomcat_cache_access_total 0.0
# HELP tomcat_servlet_request_seconds  
# TYPE tomcat_servlet_request_seconds summary
tomcat_servlet_request_seconds_count{name="default",} 0.0
tomcat_servlet_request_seconds_sum{name="default",} 0.0
# HELP process_uptime_seconds The uptime of the Java virtual machine
# TYPE process_uptime_seconds gauge
process_uptime_seconds 14.232

Such as jvm_memory_used_bytes

jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-nmethods'",} 3073408.0
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Metaspace",} 4.2002072E7
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="Compressed Class Space",} 5467256.0
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Eden Space",} 1.05906176E8
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Old Gen",} 1.8914304E7
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="heap",id="G1 Survivor Space",} 1.048576E7
jvm_memory_used_bytes{area="nonheap",id="CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods'",} 9643520.0

The tag/label in brackets can be queried using jvm_memory_used_bytes or JVM _ memory _ used _ bytes {area = “non _ heap”} or JVM _ memory _ used _ bytes {area = “non _ heap”, id = “metaspace”} in conjunction with tag/label.


The micrometer of springboot2 supports tag/label, and cooperates with the monitoring system supporting tag/label, which makes it more convenient for us to carry out multi-dimensional statistical query and monitoring on metrics.