In the past 2015



In winter in the south, it’s really not cold. autumn clothes are fine. long sleeves are enough for the vest. Moreover, Pengcheng is well afforested, and the sweet osmanthus on the roadside is fragrant, making people relaxed and happy. I don’t know where I went in the last few years. The blog I set up always has the risk of relocation. I said that the domain name was not put on record and was withdrawn. The cloud host started to charge for it. So I tossed and turned and didn’t stay well. This time, I will record it here in sg, summarize the past and look forward to the future.


The key word is job-hopping, and the dividing line is the first half of the year and the second half of the year.

First half

Now I don’t remember what I did in the first half of the year. I was mainly responsible for a medium-sized business system. Then a person carrying. Before, I felt quite cool. I could plan and add the desired functions to the system by myself. I am PM and RD. The cooperation with the front two was quite cool and tacit. Now I think the development efficiency at that time was really high. The demand was basically completed in two or three days, keeping the pace of small steps and fast running.

Later, as the number of connected services gradually increased, the technological improvement could not keep up with the demand of the service, and I felt the shortage obviously on my own, mainly in two aspects:

Lack of one’s own ability and vision

After all, he only stayed in one company, and his vision is easily limited. Therefore, if the person who stayed in the same company since graduation does not change jobs and does not change technology stack frequently, I think his growth is very limited. His ability and level are limited to the set of technical system when he just graduated and entered (although he can learn by himself, it is quite different from the production environment). During the period of technical exchange, the most he can do is to rely on the person who changed jobs to bring him over and realize the flow of technical genes.
However, this still depends on the company and the environment. Some established companies, backed by their own Jianghu status, have assimilated the technology stack of foreigners, rather than the effect of hybridization. This kind of company is still quite dangerous. Fortunately, however, the former employer has a strong engineer culture, talents keep flowing forward and absorb a lot of foreign new technology flows and gene hybridization and fusion. If I were to choose again, I might choose to change my job and realize the hybridization of technical systems and the expansion of my vision instead of leaving my former employer. But this is another story.

Always busy repeating, not creating.

This gradually reduced him to a code farmer, lost his challenge and sense of being, and gradually walked away every day. In addition, the main reason is that the boss didn’t give any more staff (on the one hand, he didn’t communicate enough, on the other hand, the boss didn’t pay enough attention to it, and he fooled the younger brother all day long, which was a verbal promise). he was tired of doing n jobs by himself. Gradually decided to leave. I think Luo Pang’s sentence is quite good:

“The world’s fastest and slowest, longest and shortest, most ordinary and precious, most easily overlooked and most regrettable is time”. Your remuneration is not directly proportional to your labor, but is directly proportional to the irreplaceable nature of your labor. Times change, changes rapidly, and works hard.

second half

This time, I left from the north to the south, mainly unable to endure the smog in the imperial city.

naked resignation

How do you say this, naked resignation, is a bit not too mature, so that when I mentioned leaving office, the boss joked that I was deceiving him. After naked resignation, he came to Pengcheng and stayed in the dormitory for two or three weeks. At that time, he often went to Happy Coast. He also went to Da Xiaomei Sha, blew the sea breeze and ate pigeon. At that time, it was probably the best time last year. I had plenty of time to play and squander my time. Wearing shorts and slippers and running there for the interview, I felt quite high. I met with seven companies and finally got the offer. I didn’t understand how it went so well at that time. now I think about it, I feel too silly and naive, mainly because I didn’t get too much salary, so ……

New company

At the beginning, I was perhaps a little too idealistic and youthful. I was very tired of not seeing the sunset after work in the imperial city. So I came to Pengcheng and expected to leave work on time every day, then go for a run and blow the sea breeze. However, the reality is still too cruel. At present, the company basically leaves work after 10 o’clock every day. It is ironic to think about it. In the opposite direction. The new company is an old BAT company. Of course, outsiders still look pretty beautiful. In fact, I want to tell you that big companies are really not as good as you think, even not as good as my former employer. I remember Zhihu had a special fire to ask:Why are some big companies weak in technology?. Seeing a point of view at the front of the vote is to understand and understand the reason behind it, not complain. However, I think this can best reflect whether a company is a mature technology company. Take our company as an example, I also feel this way. Although people feel that technology is very cow-force, I feel that it is purely for forced use. The technical management level is really a mess. Of course, this is only a one-sided word. Some departments do not mean that other departments of the company are the same.

Look at netflix, a company with a history of 189 years, which has contributed so much to the open source community. Looking back at BAT, Ali is the one I am most convinced of. JStorm has contributed to apache and is very influential in the java field. There is a story about Ali’s OceanBase distributed database, which was developed by Professor Yang Zhenkun. He developed this set in Baidu for three years before. Under the pressure of KPI, he didn’t carry it on. People went to Taobao and brought it up with his pants, which supported various highly concurrent scenes of Ali’s Double Eleven. What does this mean? Baidu, a company that claims to be a technological force, has no open technological mind and determination, but Ali, a company famous for its operation, has given people the best soil for technological tolerance and growth. Including Baidu’s later artificial intelligence cheating, can’t help but feel worried. Therefore, Luo Pang mentioned the Jianghu story that Baidu BAT status was coveted by other companies in the industry in his New Year speech.


For the first time, I jumped from one pit to another in cheat people. Now I can’t help thinking of my former employer’s kindness. I feel a little like my first love, but most of them blame themselves for not understanding. Through comparison, I feel that I have stepped into the primitive society from the modern society. Although it is an old BAT company, the technology is really speechless. Technology is unmanageable, so I can’t concentrate on writing code in it. I’m very worried, and then developing the framework is extremely inefficient. Big companies are not necessarily the best in technology and the most efficient, but emerging technology companies have a great probability of being the best, because they need the most efficient technology to meet business needs. Because large companies have stable cash flow, they don’t pay much attention to efficiency. They just rely on people and work overtime to get the same job done. However, in the end, it was still full of loopholes, and then madly corrected bugs every day. Technology is constantly compromising to business, and technical debts accumulate every day. Anyway, the conclusion is that large companies are not necessarily good, unless they are the core departments of large companies, other departments are likely to be stained with the brands of large companies, and they are easy to fool when hiring people, but when they come, they find that gold and jade are not good enough.



In the past year, it has hardly changed for the better, on the contrary, it has become worse.

  • unable to make up one’s mind
    I don’t know how to follow my heart, I am too infatuated with the glory of big companies, but I can only give up a lot of things if I have experienced them. What cannot be obtained is always in turmoil. Here can’t help but think of ashes of time’s words:

Everyone will go through such a stage. When they see a mountain, they want to know what is behind it. I really want to tell him that if you turn it over, you will find nothing special. if you turn it over again, you may think it will be better here. but I know he won’t listen. with his character, how can he be content if he doesn’t walk?

  • Pessimistic Self-handicapping
    This is an old problem. Since I was young, my parents asked me to be very strict. As a result, I became very perfectionist, and gradually I felt inferior and pessimistic. As a result, my character also became very weak. I was always afraid of doing wrong things, always afraid of not doing well enough, and always set limits on myself everywhere. Many setbacks in life stem from this.

  • Encountered setbacks or problems, blindly complain of god, blame others
    I don’t know where to start, I have become only complaining instead of actively influencing the environment and others. It probably lasted for a long time, and I didn’t know it myself. Then I thought about it and gradually realized that I couldn’t go on like this and had to change it myself.


In the new year, I always want to be another person at once, to be reborn and say goodbye to the past. So I also specially cut my ambition before New Year’s Day. Set a few goals here:

  • In sg’s reputation broke 1000

  • Translate at least one English technical book in sg

  • Technically, I hope I can be chaotic and claim to be one of them.

  • Github Open Source at least 5 project

  • Running at the level of 5000m per week

  • Less overtime, less repetition, more creativity, more collaboration and more writing