Jvm parameter view


Use jcmd to display flags specified directly on the command line. :
%jcmd process_id VM.command_line

JVM tuning flags that are effective for applications can be obtained in the following ways:
%jcmd process_id VM.flags [-all]

Flags show flags set by the command line and flags directly set by the JVM (because their values are determined by automatic optimization). When all is added to this command, all flags inside the JVM can be listed.

Add–XX:+Printflagsfinal on the startup command line
This command prints a complete list of JVM flags and their values (the results are the same as those printed by jcmd in conjunction with VM.flags -all).

uintx InitialHeapSize                          := 4169431040    {product}
intx InlineSmallCode                           = 2000           {pd product}

The flag data of these commands are displayed in one of the above two ways. The colon in line 1 of the output indicates that the flag uses a non-default value. This may be caused by the following reasons.
(1) The flag value is specified directly on the command line.
(2) Other marks indirectly change the value of the mark.
(3)JVM automatically optimizes the calculated default value.
Line 2 (without colon) indicates that the value is the default value for this JVM version. The default values of some flags may be different on different platforms, and the rightmost column of the output indicates. Product means that the default settings are consistent across all platforms. Pd product indicates that the default value of the flag is platform-independent.