Migration of SpringBoot configuration properties


SpringBoot configuration property series

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SpringBoot supports two database migration tools, one is flyway and the other is liquibase. It also supports sql script itself and executes the specified script after initializing the data source.


  • flyway.baseline-description
    Description of the baseline version when performing the migration.

  • flyway.baseline-on-migrate
    When the target schema is found to be non-empty and has a table without metadata during migration, whether to automatically perform benchmark migration is false by default.

  • flyway.baseline-version
    When starting the benchmark migration, label the existing schema version, with the default value of 1.

  • flyway.check-location
    Check if the location of the migration script exists, the default is false.

  • flyway.clean-on-validation-error
    If clean is called automatically when a check error is found, false is the default.

  • flyway.enabled
    Whether to turn on flywary, the default is true.

  • flyway.encoding
    Set the encoding for migration, default UTF-8.

  • flyway.ignore-failed-future-migration
    Whether to ignore error migration when reading metadata table, the default is false.

  • flyway.init-sqls
    SQL to be executed when the connection is initialized.

  • flyway.locations
    Location of migration script, default db/migration.

  • flyway.out-of-order
    Whether disorderly migration is allowed is false by default.

  • flyway.password
    The password of the target database.

  • flyway.placeholder-prefix
    Set prefix for each placeholder, default $ {.

  • flyway.placeholder-replacement
    Whether placeholders are to be replaced, the default is true.

  • flyway.placeholder-suffix
    Set suffix for each placeholder, default}.

  • flyway.placeholders.[placeholder name]
    Setting the value of placeholder

  • flyway.schemas
    Set the schema to be migrated by flywary, which is case sensitive, and the default is to connect the default schema.

  • flyway.sql-migration-prefix
    Prefix of migration file, default is v.

  • flyway.sql-migration-separator
    File name separator for migration script, default _ _

  • flyway.sql-migration-suffix
    The suffix of the migration script, which defaults to. sql

  • flyway.table
    The metadata table name used by flyway is schema_version by default

  • flyway.target
    The target version used during migration is latest version by default

  • flyway.url
    The JDBC URL used during migration, if not specified, will use the configured primary data source

  • flyway.user
    User name of the migration database

  • flyway.validate-on-migrate
    Whether to check during migration is true by default.


  • liquibase.change-log
    Path to Change log configuration file, default value is classpath:/db/changelog/db.changelog-master.yaml.

  • liquibase.check-change-log-location
    Whether to insist on whether the change log location exists, the default is true.

  • liquibase.contexts
    Comma-separated list of runtime context.

  • liquibase.default-schema
    The default schema.

  • liquibase.drop-first
    Drop schema first, default is false

  • liquibase.enabled
    Whether to open liquibase, the default is true.

  • liquibase.password
    Target database password

  • liquibase.url
    If the JDBC URL to be migrated is not specified, the configured primary data source will be used.

  • liquibase.user
    Target data username