Some catchy quotes from IT



China has many ancient famous warnings, which are catchy and contain many stories and philosophies. The Internet companies in Silicon Valley also have some famous sayings, which embody many company values and ways of doing things. For many programmers, their influence is imperceptible. Some are collected here, as follows.

Stay hungry Stay foolish


One of Joe Wang’s favorite words mentioned in his graduation speech to Stanford University in 2005.

The original text is from Whole Earth Catalog.

You build it , You run it.


Amazon’s CTO:Werner Vogels’ famous quote. Compared with traditional application development mode, it is especially popular in micro-service architecture.

Traditional single application is based on project mode, and most projects are developed by waterfall model. The development team develops and delivers the software system to the customer according to the customer’s business requirements and functional design. From then on, the system will be taken over by the operation and maintenance team and enter the system operation and maintenance phase.

However, in the micro-service architecture system, the development team is more likely to be responsible for the entire life cycle of the application system. The development of the application system is based on a fast iterative method, which is a genuine product development idea. It enables service developers and service users (customers) to form daily communication feedback. Feedback from direct customers helps developers to improve service quality.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.


Linux founder Linus Torvalds was on August 25, 2000An email to linux-kernel mailing listMentioned:

Can say nothing, have the ability to show me your code.

go big or go home


Facebook’s Office Slogan:

Either cow force, or fuck off

done is better than perfect


Facebook’s Office Slogan:

Completion is better than perfection.

Eating our own dog food


It is said that in the dog food production base, the newly prepared dog food will only be put on the market after being tasted and passed by many people.

In the IT field, Microsoft also uses this method to test its own software, which they call eat our own dog food. Dog food refers to the software company that develops a new software program and uses it internally before it is released, that is, “internal trial” or “internal trial software” as a noun.

Microsoft has made the phrase “eat our own dog food” well known, which means that part of the research and development work every day is to use the software that we are developing. The idea conveyed by this approach is that developers can quickly find loopholes or errors when using their own software.