The meaning of state in netstat


The meaning of state in netstat

State in netstat -an parameter has the following meaning.

  • LISTEN: Listen for connection requests from remote TCP ports.

  • SYN_SENT: Wait for a matching connection request after sending the connection request.

  • SYN_RECEIVED: After receiving and sending a connection request, wait for the other party to confirm the connection request.

  • ESTABLISHED: Represents an open connection, which is commonly used as a concurrent connection.

  • FIN_WAIT1: Wait for confirmation of remote TCP connection interruption request or previous connection interruption request.

  • FIN_WAIT2: Waits for connection interruption request from remote TCP.

  • CLOSE_WAIT: Wait for the connection interruption request from the local user.

  • CLOSING: Wait for the remote TCP to acknowledge the connection interruption.

  • LAST_ACK: Wait for confirmation of the connection interruption request originally sent to remote TCP.

  • TIME_WAIT: Wait long enough to ensure that the remote TCP receives the acknowledgement of the connection interruption request.

  • CLOSED: no connection status.