Zuul forwarding Set-Cookie loss problem


Header filtered by default

spring-cloud-netflix-core-1.2.6.RELEASE-sources.jar! /org/springframework/cloud/netflix/zuul/filters/ZuulProperties.java

     * List of sensitive headers that are not passed to downstream requests. Defaults to a
     * "safe" set of headers that commonly contain user credentials. It's OK to remove
     * those from the list if the downstream service is part of the same system as the
     * proxy, so they are sharing authentication data. If using a physical URL outside
     * your own domain, then generally it would be a bad idea to leak user credentials.
    private Set<String> sensitiveHeaders = new LinkedHashSet<>(
            Arrays.asList("Cookie", "Set-Cookie", "Authorization"));


    socket-timeout-millis: 60000
    connect-timeout-millis: 60000  

By showing that the designation is empty, it means that zuul’s filter header list is empty, so it can return normally.

Spring read cookie method

String xxx = WebUtils.getCookie((HttpServletRequest) servletRequest,"your-cookie-name").getValue();