AI Central Station: An Agile Intelligent Business Support Scheme

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At 8: 00 p.m. on March 28, live online, AI China: an agile and intelligent business support scheme

In the field of financial science and technology, what problems can AI solve? During the 13 years of development of Yixin, around the two major business sectors of inclusive finance and wealth management, Yixin has successively introduced a number of products such as Yilin Loan, Pleasant Wealth, Sincere Use, Bo Cheng Insurance, etc. AI technology has been widely applied to the business lines of various products.

In particular, intelligent trading, intelligent credit, financial information, financial security and personalized service are all assisted by artificial intelligence technology.

For example, in the field of intelligent trading, technologies such as intelligent investment and research, quantitative analysis and automatic/auxiliary trading are applied. In the field of intelligent credit, it has developed related artificial intelligence products that can be used for identity identification, user portrait and intelligent wind control. In the field of financial information, AI technologies such as knowledge engineering, atlas analysis and intelligent question and answer are adopted. In the field of financial security, anti-fraud analysis is realized through AI technology. In the field of personalized service, there are a series of mature AI products such as behavior analysis, intelligent marketing, recommendation and matching, and intelligent financial advisors.

With AI technology constantly landing in various business lines and achieving good results in terms of business efficiency and quality improvement, Yixin began to build an AI center station, providing special support for AI research and development in business based on the idea of center station technology, providing quick realization and response functions to intelligent demands, thus improving the intelligent innovation energy rate of enterprises.

In this live broadcast, we invited Dr. Jing yuxin from Yixin technology research and development center as the guest speaker to share with us the definition and value of AI central station, the workflow and architecture design of AI central station, and through the analysis of typical cases such as intelligent robots, the implementation route of AI central station and the difficult problems encountered.

I. Sharing Topics and Outlines

[Sharing Topic] AI Middle Station: An Agile Intelligent Business Support Scheme

[Topic Introduction] Since the China-Taiwan strategy was put forward and successfully implemented by Alibaba, various enterprises have started their own China-Taiwan process. A series of technologies, represented by data-China, technology-China and business-China, have greatly enhanced the agility of business and improved organizational efficiency. However, with the development of intelligent technology, AI application gradually increases in the proportion of business research and development. However, the complexity of AI model training leads to slow development and low efficiency, which seriously affects the flexibility of business. In view of this situation, can the AI research and development work in the business be specially supported based on the idea of China-Taiwan, providing quick realization of intelligent requirements and flexible trial and error functions, so as to enhance the enterprise’s intelligent innovation capability? This live broadcast will discuss the above issues in combination with the current actual business of Yixin and the implementation of the China-Taiwan strategy in Yixin.

[Sharing Outline]

1. Proposal of AI Central Station

The Rise of China-Taiwan Strategy and Data of China-Taiwan

How does AI China and Taiwan Deal with Pain Points of Intelligence Demand

From Data Intermediate Station to AI Intermediate Station

2. Analysis of AI China-Taiwan Capability

AI Task Partition and Agile Requirements

Definition and Capability of AI Intermediate Station

3. Implementation Ideas of AI China and Taiwan

From Platform to Middle Platform

Process and Architecture Design

4. Analysis of typical cases

II. Sharing Guests


Guest of honour: Jing Yuxin
Data scientist, doctor of Peking university
Head of AI Application Team of Yixin Technology Research and Development Center

Guest introduction: Dr. eecs, a data scientist, is currently the team leader of AI application department of Yixin Technology Research and Development Center. He undertakes research on Yixin Data Intelligence System and intelligent enabling tasks in many business fields, and has many years of research and development and entrepreneurship experience. At present, the research fields include artificial intelligence, neural network, natural language processing, knowledge mapping, etc., and attention has been paid to enterprise intelligent transformation, AI project life cycle management, agile AI and China-Taiwan strategy.

Third, learning benefits

This live broadcast will help you with the landing practice of Yixin AI

  • Understand the practice of Yixin AI China and Taiwan in solving intelligent business requirements;
  • Understand the process and architecture design strategy of the middle station in AI;
  • Understand the specific application scenarios of the products supported by the AI central station;
  • Understand the value of AI China and Taiwan’s application in financial science and technology industry.

Four, time and registration method

Live broadcast: March 28, 20: 00-21: 00
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