Data in Taiwan: Construction Practice of Yixin Agile Data in Taiwan

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[Yixin Technology Salon] is a series of technology sharing activities sponsored by Yixin Institute of Technology. The activities include online and offline. In each technology salon, technical experts from Yixin and other Internet companies will be invited to share practical experience from the front line. The sharing content covers major technical fields such as financial technology and software research and development, aiming to provide practical solutions for the financial technology industry and bring inspiration to financial technology practitioners.

[Technology Salon 002] Data Center: Construction Practice of Yixin Agile Data Center | Yixin Technology Salon will be broadcast live online at 8: 00 pm on May 23. Click to sign up

I introduction

In 2019, “China-Taiwan” has become the development trend of software research and development industry. Yixin Technology Team has laid out the strategy of China-Taiwan under the leadership of CTO Joshua Xiang since 2018. At present, AI-China-Taiwan and Agile Data-China-Taiwan have been applied in various business lines of Yixin, improving the technical service efficiency of Yixin.

On the evening of may 23, at 8: 00 p.m., Yixin institute of technology invited Lu Shanwei, head of the Yixin data center team, to share the practice process of Yixin agile data center directly.The content includes the location and value of the IDC in Yixin agile data, the architecture design of IDC, and the typical scenarios of IDC in Yixin business applications.

Big data, as the core driving force for business development, plays an important role in various business scenarios, while the data center can improve data service capability and save data service resources. The theme of this issue of Yixin Technology Salon is “Data in Taiwan”. It is hoped that by sharing Yixin’s experience in technology practice, it can bring reference and enlightenment to the application of data in Taiwan in software research and development industry.

Live broadcast: May 23, 20: 00-21: 00

II. Sharing Topics and Presentations of Guests

[Sharing Topic] Construction Practice of Yixin Agile Data Center

[Topic Introduction] Yixin launched a series of open source tools for big data in 2017, including familiar DBus, Wormhole, Moonbox, Davinci, etc., which have received wide attention and favorable comments in the technology community. So how are these tools applied in Yixin? How do they relate to Taiwan in Yixin data? How does it drive various daily data business scenarios? This sharing will answer these questions for the first time. It will also focus on sharing the design, architecture and application scenarios of Yixin Data Center, and propose a construction idea of Agile Data Center for community reference and discussion.

[Sharing Outline]

1. Top-level Design of Taiwan in Yixin Data

  • Location and Value of Stations in Yixin Data
  • High-level Module Architecture of Taiwan in Yixin Data: ABD and ADX

2. From Middleware Tools to Platform

  • Introduction of ABD Tools in yixin data center
  • Introduction to the ADX Platform in Yixin data center

3. Typical Case Analysis

[Sharing Guest]: Lu Shanwei

Head of the Taiwan Platform Team in Yixin Data

Big data technology experts, research areas include research and development of big data infrastructure platform, real-time data processing technology, modern data warehouse construction and popularization of big data applications. He has more than 10 years of research and development experience in financial field and Internet enterprise basic systems and big data platforms, and is good at designing and constructing frameworks, platforms, general technology products, etc. He was a senior big data architect at eBay’s Shanghai Research and Development Center and presided over the development of Hadoop ETL development framework and a series of data quality tools. At present, I am in charge of the data platform team in Yixin, leading the team to develop four open source projects: DBus, Wormhole, Moonbox, Davinci, and leading the construction of the data platform in Yixin.

[Learning Income]

This live broadcast will introduce the practice of building Taiwan in Yixin Agile Data to help everyone.

  • To understand the construction ideas, positioning and value of Taiwan in Yixin data;
  • Understand the technical architecture and design of Yixin Data Center.
  • Learn how the station in Yixin Data supports and drives typical data application scenarios.

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