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Learn about Golang’s market situation

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Golang is already a part of the work. I want everyone to know about the market situation of Golang, and I also want more people to be familiar with it. Therefore, it is mainly to show the results of data analysis.

The target site isA recruitment websiteAfter capturing and analyzing the job data of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu, another conclusion is drawn.


First of all, we need to analyze the page and find our grabbing direction.


Search golang keyword, open page F12 to see it sent four requests, pay attention to positionAjax.json this request


We carefully study the input and output parameters of this interface.

Join in

1、Query String Param

  • City: requested city
  • NeedAddtionalResult: Do you need to add additional parameters? false is the default here

2、Form Data

  • First: First page
  • Pn: page number
  • Kd: keyword

Make a reference


That’s it, from the returned results we can get a lot of useful information.

  • CompanyFullName: full name of the company
  • CompanyLabel: Company Label
  • CompanyShortName
  • CompanySize: company size
  • Education: educational requirements
  • FinanceStage: financing stage

Wait ~


In the above two figures, it can be found that the content node contains pageNo and pageSize fields, and the content.positionResult node has a totalCount field. you can know which page is currently displayed, how many items are displayed per page, and the total number of current positions.

It should be noted that the calculation of paging is rounded up.

Analog browser header

User-Agent can be usedfake-useragentThis project randomly generates UA headers


I. distribution map

Different jobs and types of work will naturally be spread in different work areas. Let’s first find out which area Golang engineers in various cities mainly work in, so as to make a reservation.













II. Comparison between Recruitment and Number of Posts


By analyzing the data in the chart, we can know the number of job vacancies in each city.

  • Beijing: 348
  • Shanghai: 145
  • Guangzhou: 37
  • Chengdu: 49
  • Hangzhou: 45
  • Shenzhen: 108

A total of 732 positions were recruited, in the order of Beijing > Shanghai > Shenzhen > Chengdu > Hangzhou > Guangzhou

Another point of concern is the comparison between the number of recruitment companies and the number of positions. It can be seen that the number of positions recruited in Beijing is 348, while the number of companies recruited is 191, accounting for a ratio of about 1.82. That is, one company can provide two Golang positions, which may be of different categories (intermediate, intermediate, intermediate and senior) and have certain possibilities. In Guangzhou, the ratio is 31 to 37. Although the difference is not large, this phenomenon still exists.

It can be concluded that Golang has a certain expansion space in the market, i.e. it has a rising space. a company will apply Golang to many different application scenarios, i.e. different directions, thus requiring different levels of talents.

However, it should be noted that Golang’s market share is still relatively low, with 732 in total in six cities, which is a certain distance from other popular languages and needs to be cautious.

At the same time, there will be fewer people interviewing Golang compared with other popular languages. Is there less competition for positions?

III. Scale of Recruitment Company


Looking at the scale of companies recruiting Golang engineers, we can intuitively find that micro companies use less Golang, and other types of scale have a certain degree of application, and the gap is not big. Among the companies with more than 2,000 people and 50-150 people, they are the most popular.

Why, I think there are the following possibilities

  • Large companies combine scenes to solve some pain points through Golang’s characteristics
  • The new star Golang, a small company, is easier to implement and has certain application scenarios.

Do you think there should be more reasons for choosing it?

IV. Academic Requirements


In the recruitment market, Golang’s recruiters prefer you to have a bachelor’s degree. College and non-college also have a certain share, but the market share is quite different.

There are two requirements for a master’s degree. It can be concluded that Golang recruiters do not have a high demand for a high degree in the market, or do not require a high degree.

Five, the industry field


Here, the recruitment companies that focus on Golang engineers are in what industry fields respectively. The big head mobile Internet is beyond doubt and can be pleasantly surprised

  • Data service
  • Electronic commerce
  • financial
  • Enterprise service
  • Game

Golang has been applied in these aspects, which shows that Golang’s path in the market is relatively broad and has a good prospect.

At the same time, if you can cover many fields, you must be very excited as an engineer.

Six, job temptation


Job temptation is a must-see point when submitting resumes. IT can be seen that high-frequency entries are basically topics that IT practitioners are concerned about. You know here …

The point is, I saw the entry of “free meals” hit 7 times, respectively from seven different companies in Haidian District, Dongcheng District and Chaoyang District of Beijing and Huangpu District of Shanghai. It was hard work.

Seven, industry, job label


In recruiting JD, descriptions and labels are often used to give job seekers an understanding of the specific job content and its relevance in this profession.

In the picture, you can see what content Golang often attaches to, which is very meaningful

1. Language

  • Java
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • PHP

As can be seen from the figure, Golang is related to the above four languages to some extent, while Java and Python are the first and second respectively, which indicates that the market has a higher desire for compound talents. You may not understand it, but it is best if you understand it (plus points). You need to have multilingual experience and be able to connect with others.

At the same time, Golang currently has many situations of internal language transfer, so this can be referred to.

2. Professional title

  • Advanced
  • Senior
  • intermediate

The professional title is specially placed in the second place, and it can be found that the demand for Golang labels in the market is advanced > senior > intermediate. it is not difficult to reach this conclusion by associating the first item of “language association”, because language is only a tool to solve problems. engineers at the intermediate level and above are mostly proficient in multiple languages, and then adopt different solutions to solve problems in application scenarios.

It can be concluded that Golang is currently expected to be middle-to high-level, senior and senior talents, while the number of middle-level talents is slightly lower.

We can try our best to make a further impact.

3. Components

  • Linux
  • Redis
  • Mysql

4. Industry

  • Cloud computing
  • Information security
  • Big data
  • financial
  • Software development

Eight, salary and working years


1, 1-3 years

A (growth) special stage, there are single digits and double digits, the big head can reach 15-30k, 20-40k, and the primary also has 8-16k

2, 3-5 years

At the stage of accumulation and preparation, the salary range is relatively large, with salaries ranging from 10 to 60k, which fully shows that your ability determines your level

3, 5-10 years

At the core, the recruitment quantity on the recruitment website is on the contrary small, and they all go to internal promotion or headhunting without special introduction.


This part is believed to be the focus of many people.

In some articles, it will be seen that their salary is shown on average. I was puzzled because I didn’t care much about the average.The point is that the salary range cannot be reflected.. So here I will show you the data as much as possible.

(Text) From the chart, Golang’s current salary level is still very good, and the market can give a good price according to different stages (levels)

(digression) I hope you can know the following after reading it

  • What are the highest and lowest salary categories for your current working years?
  • What is your salary range for the next stage?
  • Why are some people high and some low
  • In the big head army or small head, why
  • Don’t be satisfied with the average

IX. Financing Stage


Most of the companies that choose Golang are relatively stable, and some of them are more exciting:)

Comparison between Financing Stage and Salary Category













Ten, the nearby subway

What subway station are Golang engineers stationed near

I often see my colleagues on the subway looking at the codes to find out where they are all distributed:)














As the official said, “Gohas Been on an Amazing Journey Over The Last 8+Years”, as a new language, it has been continuously developing.There must be some shortcomings, you have to identify it.

Judging from the quantity

Judging from this recruitment website alone, there is still a certain gap between the number of vacancies in popular languages and the number of vacancies in popular languages. However, Golang has many situations of internal language transfer development. The data currently displayed,The number of recruits is small, but the quality is good.

Judging from the distribution map

Golang’s position is basically available in first-tier cities. Although there are few other cities, it is a process that requires continuous attention for new languages and cannot be applied across the board.

Judging from the professional title level

Golang’s middle, high, senior and senior are still the majority, and the salary paid is basically in line with the market situation.

Judging from the direction

Golang covers a wide range of industries. Mobile Internet, data services, e-commerce, finance, enterprise services and cloud computing are all its battlefields.

From the perspective of open source projects

Docker, k8s, etcd and consul are stable

In general, Golang is at a stage of development. The market situation is still good and the application scenarios are wide. However, the number of recruitment is small. What do you think?

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