Swoft 2.0.2 Release, PHP Microservice Collaboration Framework

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Add $request->parsedQuery () method (ab45089)

The newly added Bean attribute is injected into the basic data type (string/int/bool/float/array) and automatically converted according to the annotation type. (e3d4085)

Add db (), make Model/Query/DB support cutting library (f3b12c9)

The newly added DbSelectorInterface is used to automatically cut libraries according to business (b36ca03)

Add Http server and Cookies Response Support (1a024bf)

Add entity generation for devtool component (14b4d39c)

Add pipeMessage, packet event (afec0e3f) that allows registration of swoole.

Add more startup related events (8aaa38c4)


Fix paginate Unable to Specify Query Fields (308d330)

Repair entity join operation, and correlation table data cannot be displayed (446a3a2)

Fix conflicts between entity attribute names, attributes, etc. and system-defined attributes (1a9d25b)

Fix AOP cut-plane repeat problem (54e00ac)

Fix Http service global exception contentType failure (e704116)

Repair Http server When https is enabled, the type check cannot pass (3e9b431)

Fixed possible error (e5513df) when Http server responded to html via data.

Repair controller table data display (4d27718)

Fix duplicate phpstrommeta file key generated by devtool (1838552)

Repair of ws-server Parameter Routing Matching Failure (4d3392e6)

Fix Http service content-type multi-value parsing error problem (1657979)

Fix Co::multi throw exception call error problem (d0ff0f7)

Fix body string unresolved call error (32abf60)

Fix failure of entity toArray via setter operation (9c0f9505)

Now the pid file will always be deleted when the server is stopped (including Ctrl+C). fix the problem of doc restart failure caused by not deleting pid file (6a96b2c)

Fix the problem of judging that the Redis connection pool injected through @Inject has not been released and the connection pool is completely idle (feac3700)

Repair the multi-connection pool operation error of database opening (3f80474)


Modifying model methods insert, insertgetid, updateorinset will only insert fields (9c0f9505) with @Column defined

When swoft is started, the operation environment check related to conflict extension is added (7fa7188f)

Adjust count,sum,avg,max,min return value type (c9b5e17a)

Http server route matching order optimization (d8fb588)

Perfect RPC Client Call Error Message Prompt (a1e56eb)

Adjusting the Position of Redis zAdd Members and Scores Not backwards compatibility (1a3275b3)

Adjustments If no validation comments are added, the validation parsing related process will be skipped (582c806cc)

Remove obsolete buffer full/empty event related codes (873a97bed) from swoole.


Swoft/view Add Support for Rendering Views via @View

Powerful Entity generation:


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