Swoft framework 1.0 officially hits, the first PHP framework based on Swoole native coordination process.


After more than a year of intensive development and a happy and busy Spring Festival holiday, the number of github star is from 500 to 1 K. With the recommendation of the homepage of Code Cloud, the strong support of Swoole author Rango and the community, the official version of Swoft 1.0 will finally meet with everyone. This update has added a lot of new features and has improved usability/code reuse/performance. Swoft can be used to build high-performance Web systems, apis, middleware, basic services, etc.

Feature preview:

  • Swoole-based extensions
  • Built-in coordination network server
  • MVC layered design
  • High performance routing
  • Powerful AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)
  • Flexible annotation function
  • Global dependency injection container
  • Implementation of HTTP Message Based on PSR-7
  • PSR-14 Based Event Manager
  • Middleware Based on PSR-15
  • Cache Design Based on PSR-16
  • Scalable high-performance RPC
  • RESTful support
  • Internationalization (i18n) support
  • Fast and Flexible Parameter Verifier
  • Perfect service management, fusing, degradation, loading, registration and discovery
  • Common connection pools Mysql, Redis, RPC
  • ORM database
  • Coordinated and asynchronous task delivery
  • Custom user process
  • Seamless automatic switching of synergetic and synchronous blocking clients
  • Alias mechanism
  • Cross-platform Hot Update Auto Reload
  • Powerful log system


The Swoft framework has undergone a deep upgrade and has achievedmodularizationTo achieve the effect of module decoupling and code reuse.

Component name Defender sketch
swoft-framework Official Framework Foundation and Core
swoft-http-server Official HTTP service component
swoft-http-message Official HTTP Message Component Based on PSR-7
swoft-http-client Official HTTP client based on PSR-7
swoft-rpc-server Official RPC service component
swoft-rpc Official RPC foundation component
swoft-rpc-client Official RPC client component
swoft-db Official Database component
swoft-view Official View component
swoft-process Official Process component
swoft-task Official Task and Plan Task Components
swoft-service-governance Official Service governance component
swoft-session Official Session session component
swoft-console Official Console component
swoft-cache Official Cache Component Based on PSR-16
swoft-log Official Log component
swoft-memory Official Memory operation component
swoft-redis Official Redis component of asynchronous coordination
swoft-i18n Official Internationalized components


Github:https://github.com/swoft-clou …
Official website:https://swoft.org
Project documents:https://doc.swoft.org