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Unlike PHP-FPM, which loads PHP code once per request, resident applications only read the source file once. In order to avoid manually restarting Swoft application every time code is released/debugged, Swoft provides the function of automatically reloading code.

File overload management process

Swoft has registered a Process called reload, which will start before the last stage of system boot, namely, Swoole. The Process starts a Bean named reload.

 * Relaod process
 * @Process(name="reload", boot=true)
class ReloadProcess implements ProcessInterface
     * @param \Swoft\Process\Process $process
    public function run(SwoftProcess $process)
        $pname = App::$server->getPname();
        $processName = sprintf('%s reload process', $pname);

        /* @var \Swoft\Process\Bootstrap\Reload $relaod */
        $relaod = App::getBean(Reload::class);

File update listening Bean

 *  @Bean()
class Reload
    //code .....

     * 启动监听
    public function run()
        $server = App::$server;
        while (true) {
            $md5File = FileHelper::md5File($this->watchDir);//$this->watchDir固定为@app别名对应的文件夹
            if (strcmp($this->md5File, $md5File) !== 0) {
                echo "Start reloading...\n";
                echo "Reloaded\n";
            $this->md5File = $md5File;

The mechanism of automatic code reloading is also very simple. Hash values of all php files in the @app directory are calculated recursively every few seconds. If the md5 value of the folder is found to be different from the previous value, Swoole is notified to restart the worker process.

Swoole worker event

Swoole will notify each worker to restart, triggering the Swoole event.WorkerStartThe specific callback events are as follows

namespace Swoft\Bootstrap\Server\ServerTrait.php;

 * OnWorkerStart event callback
 * @param Server $server server
 * @param int $workerId workerId
 * @throws \InvalidArgumentException
public function onWorkerStart(Server $server, int $workerId)
    // Init Worker and TaskWorker
    $setting = $server->setting;
    $isWorker = false;

    if ($workerId >= $setting['worker_num']) {
        // TaskWorker
        ProcessHelper::setProcessTitle($this->serverSetting['pname'] . ' task process');
    } else {
        // Worker
        $isWorker = true;
        ProcessHelper::setProcessTitle($this->serverSetting['pname'] . ' worker process');
    $this->fireServerEvent(SwooleEvent::ON_WORKER_START, [$server, $workerId, $isWorker]);
    $this->beforeWorkerStart($server, $workerId, $isWorker);

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