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With the continuous growth of swole, the resident web framework based on swole has gradually matured in the past two years. The mainstream is the most easy-to-use and stable es(EasySwoole), distributed and microservices support the most mature sd(SwooleDistributed), and Swoft that develops towards community.

Swoft is a very good framework, but at present, the official documents of Swoft are incomplete and there are no learning materials of Swoft on the network. In order to use this framework, the author himself can only learn Swoft based on the source code. At the same time, I hope I can fill in the gap in Swoft learning field. The series of articles will only extract key codes and explain them with ideas. Please read them with the source code.

This article assumes that the reader level is intermediate PHPer, and at least one popular framework such as Yii, Larave, Thinkphp, etc. has a complete use experience and can understand the concepts used by common Web frameworks. However, considering the writing background, this series does not require readers to have a deep understanding of Swoft.

At the time of writing, the stable version of Swoft1.0 had not yet been released, and some concepts were not officially explained or defined. With the rapid development of the Swoft framework, many contents may no longer be suitable and the article itself will be maintained, but please still refer to the code of the version you are using.

The catalogue is as follows:

  1. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-Annotation Mechanism in SW OFT
  2. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-Implementation Principle of AOP in SW OFT
  3. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-Implementation Principle of IOC Container in SW OFT
  4. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-RPC Service Implementation
  5. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-Code Automatic Update Mechanism/Hot Overload Mechanism
  6. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-Connection Pool
  7. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-Swoole and Swoft
  8. [Original] Swoft Source Code Analysis-Swoole and Swoft
  9. Service governance
  10. Analysis of the implementation of WebSocket

The author’s level is limited, if there is any mistake, I hope you will forgive me.