Swoole version 4.4.1 has been released, and BUG fix version is recommended for upgrade.

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  • RepairSSL_MODE_ACCEPT_MOVING_WRITE_BUFFERResolveSSLThe next large packet transmission failed (#2667) (@twose)
  • Fix BUG of signal monitoring function (#2675) (@matyhtf)
  • RepairMySQLClient-down incompatible changes (#2674) (@twose)
  • Repair inServerFailed to add event after startup (#2673) (@matyhtf)
  • Repairstatic_handlerNo decodingurl, now supports Chinese path (#2676) (@twose)
  • Fix warnings caused by smooth exit of task process (#2689) (@Yurunsoft)
  • RepairHttp\Request->rawContentIn the coordination processServerThe following questions (#2682) (@twose)
  • RepairTimer::clearAllMemory error for (6b0263b) (@matyhtf)
  • RepairCoroutine\Http\ClientBUG that failed to send large packets under high concurrency (432259d) (@twose)


  • Support sending bandContent-lengthBut without subjectHTTPResponse toHEADRequest (#2690) (@matyhtf)
  • Supports the acquisition of any parent associationID(#2669) (@huanghantao)

Enterprise edition

Swoole EnterpriseAs aSwooleAn official set of enterprise-class productsPHPAndSwooleAnalysis and debugging tools can be used free of charge but not open source.

  • Grasp the application architecture model at all times: discover the topology structure and display of application dependencies automatically, and grasp the application architecture model at all times
  • Distributed cross-application link tracking: supports non-invasive distributed cross-application link tracking, making each request clear at a glance, fully supports coordinated/non-coordinated environments, and visualizes data in real time
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting of service status: statistics of call information reported by services in various dimensions, such as total traffic, average time consumption, timeout rate, etc., and comprehensive analysis and reporting of service status
  • It has a powerful debugging tool chain: the system supports remote debugging, and can be turned on remotely to detect memory leakage, blocking detection and code performance analysis.
  • Perfect system monitoring: support perfect system monitoring, zero-cost deployment, monitoring of machinesCPU, memory, network, disk and other resources can be easily integrated into the existing alarm system.
  • Zero cost access system:Swoole EnterpriseSystem client script one-click deployment, the server can be inDockerRun in the environment, simple and fast

Version update

  • Debugger Function: ThroughSwooleEnterprise backstagePHPA button in the process list that dynamically turns on/off onePHPThe memory leak detection, performance analysis and blocking detection of the process can export the requested function call performance analysis diagram and flame diagram.
  • Application tracking function: to track applications (trace) and performance analysis data and congestion detection data, can jump to each other, convenient multidimensional positioning performance problems
  • Alarm function: add monitoring alarm for disk /cpu/ memory usage rate, and send WeChat/SMS alarm automatically when system resources exceed threshold value

Operational demonstration