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Recently, the department of comparative Buddhism has been updated. On the one hand, the work is really a bit busy, but the work is very old. The code of 2009 came out. Thief is disgusting. I feel like I won’t be long. On the other hand, I haven’t thought about what I want to share with you recently. I just opened Chrome today and found some very good Chrome plug-ins I have been using, which I recommend to you.

1. Shielding baidu promotion

I don’t know if you have noticed, when Baidu searches, there will be a column of hot news on the right that has nothing to do with keywords to guide you to click and distract your attention. The plug-in mentioned above can block the promotion on the right side and give you a clean Baidu. For example, if no plug-in is installed, its page looks like this:


Usage: click the close right promotion button, and the page will be refreshed automatically.


At this time of the web page, becomes clean:


2. Advertising Purifier

As a programmer, you should not visit CSDN less. I wonder if you find the following rotation advertisement disgusting. Anyway, I can’t stand it. I was looking at my blog and was interrupted by this advertisement.This plug-in can help you block advertisements on any website, even Aiqiyi, Tencent video and other advertisements.I don’t need to watch all the advertisements you want to watch in TV series. They are as smooth as silk. I recommend it to you without saying much. Before there was no plug-in, it was like this:


How to Use: Just Open the Button


After use:


3. WEB front-end assistant (FeHelper)

As programmers, you will certainly use a lot of tools in development, such as JSON formatting, code beautification, string encoding, two-dimensional code generation and so on. This plug-in provides good support for these functions, which is really too conscientious.


Usage: download plug-in and install it, which is simple and convenient.

4、Dark Reader

Good plug-in to protect your eyes when browsing websites in the dead of night, black theme, suitable for any website. Care for your eyes, use Dark Reader for night and day browsing. Before use:


Usage: Set various parameters, click on the website name directly, and see the website domain name with a √ in the red box below. The setting is successful.


After use: the website theme at this time will turn into the black you have set up:


5、Isometric Contributions

This plug-in changes Github’s submission record from a two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional one. Before installation:


After installation: In addition to submitting records to become 3-D, it also supports statistics of all your data through settings.



People usually go to github to watch the projects and click through the folders layer by layer, which is very complicated. This plug-in allows you to view the code structure on Github as easily as in your own development tools. The effect is this:


7. Infinity Tab

This plug-in is free to customize chrome tabs. Start the page adding era, no matter which page you browse, you can add the web address to the tag page one step at a time, and innovate the automatic reminding function of Google mail in the tag page, as well as exquisite weather, to-do items, historical records management, application management, note keeping applications like impression notes, high-definition wallpaper, bing, Baidu and Google search. Anyway, is a thief to use, my tag page is like this:


8. Google Translation

This plug-in can be selected and translated into Chinese to help you understand when you browse English technical documents. For example: Spring’s official website:


Click on the small icon in the red box to translate it:


9, a magical website

Expansion fan:https://extfans.com/

Everyone knows that Chrome plug-ins are usually downloaded on the Internet in a scientific way, but downloading plug-ins is no longer a hassle since the website appeared. You can download the plug-in mentioned above by directly accessing the search name.


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