Apart from classic nostalgic clothes, what else can reactivate World of Warcraft?

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World of Warcraft, which was publicly tested in 2004, has gone through PC era, mobile era and VR era. In the coming era of artificial intelligence, how will this classic continue to be written?

World of Warcraft classic nostalgic clothes opened yesterday!

At 6: 00 a.m. yesterday, there were a large number of players who came to recall the classic games. even in the live broadcast platforms such as bucket fish, there were nearly 3,000 world of Warcraft anchors in one morning alone, and they were broadcast live at the same time.

Does “World of Warcraft” have the opportunity to use the current trend of artificial intelligence to find a way to combine itself with artificial intelligence?

The Eternal Classic: For Tribes

In fact, as early as 5: 55 a.m. today, the queue number displayed by the client had already reached 18,000.

Some popular servers, such as the “Fancliffe” server, have a queue of 26,000 people, which means they have to wait more than five hours before they can enter the game.


It was very popular after it opened at 6: 00

After World of Warcraft entered China in 2005, it was once the dominant player in online games. At the end of 2008, Blizzard announced that the number of users worldwide reached 11.5 million shortly after the release of the expansion of Wrath of the Lich King.

The Declining Gold Generation

At its peak in 2011, World of Warcraft reached 12 million users worldwide. In the next few years, the number of users was no longer sustainable, falling to more than 9 million.

In 2012, after the expansion of the pandaren Puzzle, the number of game users returned to the 10 million mark.


Since the third quarter of 2015, Blizzard has not released the specific number of players for World of Warcraft.

However, the following new expansion films “King of Delano”, “The Legion Comes Again” and “Starcraft Azeroth” have failed to reverse Blizzard’s decline.

The brilliance of World of Warcraft in recent years and its decline in recent years are obvious to all. This kind of MMORPG (massively multiplayer online) game has gradually lost its competitiveness in recent years.

In the global game market, “World of Warcraft” was preceded by competition from classic MOBA (multiplayer online tactical competition) games such as DOTA and LOL, followed by pursuit of survival shooting games such as “Jedi Survival” and “APEX Hero”, not to mention the absolute advantages of mobile games such as “the glory of the king” and “Peace Elite” among the 90,000 generations.

World of Warcraft: Can AI Create a Better Experience?

In fact, in World of Warcraft, NPC based on artificial intelligence technology has been added.

An NPC named Moksi Unlock will flee to the main cities of the alliance to steal from banks. Some players once met this NPC at the Port of Lalles Bank.


The NPC will choose whether to steal or not according to the circumstances, and will also have a dialogue with the surrounding players.

Not only that, in the island exploration mode of World of Warcraft, there are also hostile NPC members.

These enemy NPC will imitate the operation style of human players: for example, NPC can judge the player’s purpose through the player’s behavior, so as to carry out the next strategy: steal the resources in the player’s backpack or interrupt the player’s treatment process.

Game Environment: Accelerator of AI’s Overall Development

The game is a perfect AI testing platform. The game has convenient data processing, fixed rules and various hypothetical strategies. The game is also a simulated scene, which is a very ideal place for the research and development of artificial intelligence.


RTS games like Starcraft: There are complicated strategies and data behind them.

Julian Togelius, associate professor at the University of new york’s Game Research Center, said, “We haven’t seen a lot of things through game training and then transferred to the real world. But we have seen that the methods invented for playing games have shifted to the real world. 」

Game AI: The best teacher and opponent for human players

On the one hand, AI can help find some more perfect strategies to improve the competitive skills of human players. Ke Jie believed that the battle with AlphaGo opened his mind and improved the level of Go.

On the other hand, the intervention of AI can create more suitable opponents for players. The adjusted AI can not only become the coach of human players, but also adapt to the level of different players to fight against it.

It can also prevent human players in today’s games from getting angry with each other. If there is a Buddha AI opposite you, it will certainly maintain a more civilized game environment.

I hope “World of Warcraft” can keep pace with the times, seize the trend of technology, create a better game experience and interactive environment for players, and let young people have the will to experience the common memory of the 80s and 90s.

For gamers, for the common memories of youth, and for Azeroth.