Countdown to Mother’s Day, Guide to Choosing Gifts

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Gift selection is one of the most difficult problems through the ages. When Mother’s Day is approaching, AI technologies such as machine learning, big data analysis and image enhancement can help you give your mother a heart-breaking gift.

There are only two days left before Mother’s Day. Have you chosen a present for your mother?

It is really a knotty problem to make gifts beautiful, practical and pleasing to parents and adults, especially for programmers who are in the code ocean at ordinary times.


Programmers caught up in the ocean of code

According to unreliable information, as Mother’s Day approaches, programmers behave differently:

The first: what? Mother’s Day is coming soon?

The second kind: Oh, Mother’s Day is coming. Call my mother and ask her what gift she wants.

The third is to open an e-commerce App, search for “Mother’s Day Gifts” and select one from the top three on the recommendation list (usually massage tools or the like).

The fourth is to open an e-commerce App, search for a “cleaning kit” and then buy a set of brooms, mops, feather dusters and send them to the parents.


“Mom Hit Me Again” Gift Set

There are programmers who don’t even have e-commerce App, and may choose the simplest and most direct method directly: giving red packets.

So, what is the choice of gifts? I heard that AI is already better than you.

Option 1: Use algorithms to recommend favorite gifts

There is a small program called “Rites”, which uses big data and machine learning to recommend a customized gift list through 5-6 answers to the questions of the gift giver.

The “Ritual Book” Selection Questionnaire

After close examination, the matching degree between the recommendation and the recipient’s preferences is not bad. If there is no favorite, you can also find inspiration through the recommendation list.

In addition, L ‘Oré al has made a similar attempt. In 2017, it launched a chat robot Beauty Gifter to recommend the most suitable cosmetic gifts according to the questions and answers of the giver and receiver.

This robot is a cooperation project between L ‘Oré al and Automat. Beauty Gifter chooses the gift or searches for the most fitting gift through a carefully designed questionnaire.

Recipients will receive cards asking about their skin care and beauty preferences. If you are worried about spoiling the surprise, as long as the gift giver knows enough about this information, you can also answer the card questionnaire yourself.

Option 2: Send Mom Beautiful Dress

On Mother’s Day, you can also consider giving your mother a dressing assistant.

At Facebook’s annual developer conference F8 in 2017, fashion and beauty service robots Epytom Stylist and Sephora appeared. Since then, Amazon has also launched Echo Look, a robot that combines graphic recognition with Alexa to help people choose clothes.

Echo Look has both graphics recognition and speech recognition functions.

Echo Look has a depth sensing camera, LED lighting for flash lamps, and computer vision and other technologies. Its working principle is, after putting on clothes, taking long depth-of-field photos or short videos of the whole body through voice control, and then establishing a user’s personal clothing style preference data set.

After that, it will use machine learning algorithms, combined with the advice of fashion experts, to assess whether the user’s clothing is appropriate. Even provide guidance and suggestions on the colors, styles and trends of users.

Option 3: Take Mom Back to Good Old Times

Another trick is to use AI personally to make a gift that combines science and art.

A small program called “You and I were” can use AI technology to repair old photos from low-definition version to ultra-high-definition version.

Using it to repair the topics of actresses such as Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian has also become a hot topic on Weibo.

The restored picture of the goddess has clear facial features in an instant and is more beautiful and moving.

Think about it, to restore the photos of my mother in her youth to clear images and to help her regain her youthful appearance, this should be regarded as a very distracting gift.

“You and I were” using image enhancement technology. AI is used to improve the image resolution and is mainly used to optimize the human face.

The specific principle is to provide a large number of low-resolution images to the algorithm, and then input the high-resolution original images of these images, so that the algorithm can compare the differences between the two and learn the skills of increasing the resolution. Finally, the blurred picture can be restored.

In the aspect of image enhancement, Inventer proposed a method to remove noise from photos based on depth learning in 2018. The neural network they trained can clear blurred images in a few seconds. However, this new model called noise2noise has the advantage that it does not need to look at a large number of high-resolution sample examples.

Figure left: Noise, unidentified creature; Figure Right: Removing Noise, A Koala

The research team extracted 50,000 images from ImageNet data set, trained the noise2noise model, and added random noise distribution to each image. The system must estimate the size of the noise in the image and remove it, which can eventually repair the image with high quality.

Option 4: Take time to spend more time with your mother.

With AI’s help, we may soon be able to find a gift that satisfies our mothers, or we may not be able to. Because every mother is unique.

Using big data analysis and machine learning methods, personalized suggestions will be given, and this technology-filled method can bring novel experiences.

However, in fact, the irrefutable truth is very simple. The best gift is to spend more time with parents.

After all, going home is the best gift.