Face recognition in class? Indian Student: Not New!

Scene Description: The topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Class” has recently been popular on Weibo. No matter whether students sleep, play mobile phones or other little tricks in class, they will be captured by the monitoring system in real time. The student party lamented, “it’s too difficult to be a student!” In fact, classroom monitoring systems are not new in Asia. Delhi, India, has announced that all public schools will install cameras to monitor students’ attendance. This project was launched in July this year.

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This commencement season, the students of China Pharmaceutical University (hereinafter referred to as the “Pharmaceutical University”) in Nanjing will realize the importance of “face”.

Whether it is the student dormitory gate, the library or the laboratory building, one must “brush one’s face” through the face recognition entrance guard. According to the director of Yaoda Book and Information Center, after that, it will be possible to “brush the face” to eat and “brush the face” to borrow books.

This face recognition system has been installed in two pilot classrooms in the school. It can automatically recognize students’ attendance and leave early. Therefore, for students of Yaoda University, cut class and roommates’ help in signing in will become history in the future.

What makes students mad is that the system can also monitor their listening and speaking in class. Head up or head down, whether you are playing with your mobile phone, whether you close your eyes and doze off, all cannot escape the “eyes” of this face recognition system.


According to reports, if the effect of the pilot classroom is good, it will be promoted throughout the school.

Recently, Yaoda has also been on the microblog search list for this “avant-garde” move. In this regard, on the one hand, the social people who have already graduated are glad that “it is good to graduate early”, while on the other hand, the student party is squealing, “I am too difficult.”

By the way, the English language of China Pharmaceutical University is China Pharmaceutical University, abbreviated as CPU, so there is a lot of surplus calculation power to process these data.

Of course, campus monitoring is not news in India.

Delhi, India: All public schools must be equipped with cameras

As early as the beginning of this year, India’s Visvesvaraya Technical University (VTU) introduced a student tracking system to monitor student performance and make statistics on all student data.

VTU is only one of many campuses in India where monitoring systems are installed. In fact, all public schools in Delhi are already installing surveillance cameras.

On January 18, 2018, Indian New Delhi TV reported on its website that Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister, said on Twitter that cameras would be installed in classrooms in all public schools in Delhi.

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Arvind Kejriwal said that Delhi’s schools became the first in the world to allow parents to see their children’s classroom scenes.

Arvind Kejriwal also said that he had checked and supervised the progress of the installation of surveillance cameras with several government officials. “This will make the whole system more transparent and accountable. It will ensure the safety of children. 」

Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s education minister, is very sympathetic to this, saying Delhi’s project to install closed-circuit television in classrooms “will prove to be a milestone in the field of education throughout the world”. He added that the system would also help the government investigate allegations of teachers’ misconduct or absenteeism.

Indian Universities: Parents Can Check Campus Monitoring at Any Time

VTU is supported by a private company called BlueClumb Softech. The company said in a circular to universities that its virtual student monitoring system will help parents and teachers to monitor students’ learning progress.

Parents will be able to check and monitor their children’s learning situation through their mobile phones at any time.


VTU is one of the top 25 universities in India

The software also allows information to be stored in cloud-based solutions, so parents can also access their children’s academic files.

The student guardian can log into the system through the account password to view the monitoring report. The system contains detailed information about all students, such as academic reports, university curriculum details, curriculum schedule, curriculum progress, academic progress and other related resources.

Therefore, don’t try to hide your true results or pretend that you haven’t had an exam recently.


BlueClimb Softech said that parents’ involvement in students’ learning and activities is helpful to their children’s development.

VTU school leaders said that the system will ensure that students will not be underestimated during the school period, thus affecting their job applications upon graduation.

Brain wave monitoring: red, yellow and blue three-color display focus

When it comes to classroom monitoring, besides image-based face recognition technology, other artificial intelligence “black technologies” are also being tried.

BrainCo, a brain-computer interface technology company headquartered in Boston, USA, uses the non-invasive brain-computer interface head-mounted device focus1 to monitor students’ class status.

They have conducted a pilot project in a primary school in China. After students wear focus1, they can show different states of attention through the light color on their heads: blue means relaxation, yellow means focus, and red means concentration.


Focus1 Headband Designed to Improve Students’ Learning Efficiency

BrainCo’s headband uses so-called electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors to detect brain signals, and uses AI algorithm to convert brain signals into concentration levels in real time. According to the data from BrainCo website, the data collected from the headband can be used to design focused training games to help students keep their brains at their best before class.

Company founder Han bisheng (Chinese) graduated from Harvard university
Has been included in 2017 Forbes China’s Top 30 Elites under 30

If one day this kind of equipment really enters the classroom, I don’t know what it will be like.

Finally, I would like to remind the students of China Pharmaceutical University that they should pay attention to protect their faces. If they accidentally change their appearance, it will be difficult for the system to recognize them.