Great things happen, programmers have been guarding the world.

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In the action movie, there must be a hacker with super technology. They always hide in the house and train, and their images are fixed. They look like nerds, drink coke and wear headphones, and seldom play games with gangsters head on.

However, their task is always crucial. They invade many firewalls to obtain confidential information, close monitoring, open and close doors. No matter what big event comes, they always play a key role in locking the victory.

In fact, they have been guarding the world.

Case 1: Thoroughly Investigate the Flow of Problem Vaccines

In recent days, Changchun’s problem vaccine shocked the whole country. In front of the national economy and the people’s livelihood, a programmer spent 14 hours using the public information on the Internet to trace back and sort out the details of vaccine procurement in various provinces of the country in recent years.

The anonymous programmer has hosted the entire investigation project in GitHub, which includes the vaccine purchase lists of all provinces and cities from 2016 to 2018, because the websites of all provinces and cities are special and do not use crawlers.
But through manual retrieval and downloading one by one, the whole retrieval process took nearly seven hours.

In the latest update of the project, the programmer also explained some of the problems and explained his starting point and purpose in doing this.
He has only made some simple responses to these achievements. Although the procurement details are not specific to all batches of problematic vaccines, the public and detailed data make more ordinary people realize that individuals can also participate in the supervision of public power, so that doubts are no longer perfunctory and the truth is further removed from citizens.

Case 2: Heroes of ALS Patients

In the past few years, a “Ice Bucket Challenge” campaign was popular on social networking sites around the world. The aim was to help ALS patients attract the attention and care of the whole society. From presidential celebrities to Internet celebrities, all rushed to take part in this charity.

ALS is a scientific name of muscular dystrophy lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS, which is a motor neuron disease (MND). The disease affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. In addition to making patients unable to walk and eat, patients gradually lose their language ability.

A group of programmers came forward, and Lyrebird, an AI technology company, partnered with an NGO that focuses on ALS to launch an application that allows ALS patients to speak in their own voice. The program was named Revoice.


Relying on Lyrebird’s deep learning algorithm, patients only need to provide high-quality recordings 2-3 hours before the onset of the disease, and the algorithm will record the timbre, tone and other characteristics, generate unique sound, and use it as the reference sound of the sounder.

With an auxiliary reader, you can communicate with your own voice as long as you look at the text on the screen. Just like Stephen Hawking is also a generator for ALS patients, but Hawking’s sounder can only produce robot sounds without any characteristics.

Although this technology allows patients to communicate with their own voice, the system has voice data in the patient’s healthy state in advance. If the patient cannot provide such information, it is difficult for the system to generate sound.


To this end, the Revoiceover project will open the voice library function in the second half of this year so that more ALS patients can store their voices before their condition deteriorates, so as to tailor the generator for them and put it into use officially by the end of this year.

The ice bucket challenge has caused the world to begin to pay attention to the ALS group, and society is also using practical actions to help ALS patients build confidence in life.

Revoice project is undoubtedly one of the most useful and inspiring ways to enable them to communicate with their own voice even after they are ill. to some extent, this may completely change their lifestyle.

Case 3: Guardian of Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical rain forest is a rare and precious treasure on the earth, maintaining the local ecological balance, but there are still a large number of illegal exploitation and poaching, affecting the fate of tropical rain forest and local human beings, animals and plants.

Rainforest Connection is a non-governmental and non-profit environmental protection organization. Its engineers are using TensorFlow to protect the tropical rain forests on the earth.


They can monitor the rain forest 24 hours a day through equipment equipped with solar panels.

All sounds will be uploaded to the cloud for analysis and processing. From a large number of sound data, find out the audio different from the natural state, such as gunfire, chainsaw sound, engine sound of trucks, etc., determine the sound and location from loggers or poachers, and send it to the local police and protection organizations in a timely manner.


At present, Rainforest Connection has installed the system in tropical rain forest areas in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, Africa’s Cameroon, northern Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, and the live sound of these forests can be heard on its website.

Super Hero Holding Keyboard

Like all superheroes, programmers use their keyboards and codes as weapons to create a powerful barrier for us.