He is probably the most rapping programmer in the world.


By hypernerve

Siraj Raval is a well-known Internet sensation on YouTube. His videos have been played tens of millions of times and subscribed by hundreds of thousands of users. However, he is neither a fitness fashionista nor a live cook or outdoor exercise.

He is a programmer who can sing RAP very well.

Siraj is an Indian programmer who founded an AI learning community “School of AI” last year. His videos posted on YouTube are all about AI-related courses.

The younger brother’s course is famous for its wide range of skills and content. The younger brother also began to study the related technologies of block chain in 2014, so he also talked about many courses related to cryptography and block chain.

It is probably related to race talent. The younger brother not only recorded lessons, but also wrote lyrics and songs himself, recorded many rap songs related to technology, and also made music MV and uploaded it to YouTube.

Python Programmer with Full Score in Rap Skills

To enjoy the little brother’s MV:

MV link

The name of the song is「Solve AI or Die Trying」The song was shot by Siraj team in a cold warehouse in London. It was inspired by work. The song was written by Siraj when he was on the verge of collapse while debugging a difficult model.

This is the third rap MV released by Siraj. From video production to music effect, it is already very professional. It is also one of the best songs produced in Siraj’s MV.

When we translate subtitles, we try our best to rhyme and restore the need of songs, so if there is any inaccuracy, please smile and watch it patiently.

In this song, he not only put all the terms of machine learning and neural network into the lyrics, but also expressed himself very accurately.“The Way to Tune in”The mad state of mind.

In the second part, Siraj also wrote ICO and block chain technology into the lyrics, and sang it in a special way.

My younger brother’s style is basically rap, but MV’s style is really mixed and matched. there are real-life shooting of industrial style, and there are alsoMagic Star Nightclub Wind.

For example, in this paragraph, the dancing and background are very curry.

The little brother what route so slip

Since the School of AI community went online, Siraj’s well-produced videos have quickly attracted attention. he is now the top broadcaster in YouTube in the technical field.

The books he writes and publishes are also very popular. In addition, Siraj has won the favor of Udacity, becoming their co-teacher and offering an introductory course on in-depth learning.

So talented little brother, we dug his background information:

Siraj entered in 2009Columbia university, undergraduate study inComputer science majorAfter graduationMeetup、CBS、TwilioI’ve been working, and I’ve been working all the time.Mobile Development Engineer.

Later, he started his own business and set up an AI learning community. His courses were also very popular. He also created a MV specifically introducing himself.

Enter Siraj

How to follow Little Brother

You can go thereYouTube、Facebook、Twitter 、InstagramFind the little brother’s page and join hisSlack ChannelJoin the discussion together.