It is so difficult to lose weight, can artificial intelligence do it?

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Obesity has become a global problem, and weight loss has always been a slogan easy to shout but difficult to practice. Many artificial intelligence companies use big data, machine learning, computer vision and other technologies to help the vast number of “fat friends” keep their mouths shut and their legs open while offering personalized slimming advice.

In “Fu Lian 4”, Thor appeared with a big belly, and the former male god turned into a “dead fat house”. So many fans quipped, “I vowed to have the same size as Thor in 2012, and I finally did it in 2019! 」


However, I will tell you a horror story: Raytheon’s belly is fake, but your beer belly is real.

Seeing summer coming, many people once again put weight loss on their agenda. However, dieting, yoga, weight-loss exercise, light diet … After trying 18 martial arts, you still bring your own “swimming ring” in the mirror. I still remember the song “Burning My Calories”, which expressed the feelings of many people.


Looking at how many people around him, he changed the head portrait to “not thin ten catties, not changing the head portrait”. Later, he found that he was too naive at the beginning and still changed it silently. How many people basked in the circle of friends for several days, boiled cabbage and fitness photos, and finally returned to the barbecue cake doughnuts …

Obesity is a global problem

According to the report of the World Health Organization in 2018, the problem of obesity has become more and more serious.

The number of obese people in the world has nearly tripled since 1975. In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 and above were overweight, of which more than 650 million were obese. In other words, 39% of adults over 18 are overweight and 13% are obese.

The health condition in China is not optimistic either. According to the data of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the national obesity rate is 11.9% and the overweight rate is 30.1%. Tianjin has the highest overweight rate, reaching 40.9%. Beijing has the highest obesity rate, 25.9%.

These figures remind us once again that it is urgent to lose weight and have a healthy body shape. However, it is easier said than done. Year after year, it is always getting fatter and fatter.

In fact, no matter how many ways to lose weight, the ultimate secret is always these six words: shut up and take your legs. However, even these six simple words are beyond the reach of many people after years of hard work.

So now the ubiquitous artificial intelligence, is there a way to solve this problem?

Can’t you keep your mouth shut? AI helps you

The so-called weight loss shaping stresses “seven points by eating and three points by practicing”. Therefore, keeping your mouth shut is the first priority for weight loss.

Nestle, Poundaweek and other companies use big data and computer vision technologies to analyze dietary calories and nutrition for the vast majority of fat friends and recommend reasonable dietary plans to help them “shut up.”

Diet control is a key step to success in losing weight. In this respect, the dietary conditions analyzed based on the data naturally fit the individual’s situation.

At present, there are many AI applications in diet. For example, photos of food taken by users are uploaded to the platform, and calorie and nutrition in food are analyzed through a machine learning model, and then more reasonable dietary suggestions are given based on factors such as users’ living habits, age and gender. Avoid excessive calorie intake.


Nestle has also introduced AI speakers that can advise people to eat reasonably.

Can’t you walk? AI helps you

AI not only helps everyone to shut up, but also promotes everyone to get started.

Now there are not a few hardware and software that can monitor everyone, among which are some products that use big data and artificial intelligence methods to remind users to have a healthy exercise habit.

For example, wearable devices can be used to monitor the user’s activity data. Through the analysis of the data, combined with the user’s personal habits, intelligent programs can be customized to create personalized fitness coaches.

Google Coach will recommend exercise methods for users and track the progress of exercise.

Google Coach is well-known in this field. it can also provide users with some daily health tips, such as how much water to drink, when to take drugs or how many steps to take.

Want some snacks? AI helps you Say No

Some foreign computer experts are studying the use of artificial intelligence technology to create a chat robot, aimed at helping overweight people to refuse high calorie from the bottom of their hearts and accept a healthy diet.

At present, there are many calorie counting software in App stores, but it is difficult for people to give up the food in front of them simply by counting calories. Therefore, designers of such chat robots hope to understand psychologically why people want to eat unhealthy food.

Chat robots will guide users to understand psychology, instead of preventing them from choosing unhealthy foods in advance, they will “pre-empt” them from eating less high-calorie foods from the heart.

Such chat robots hope to prevent people from getting fat from the source.

Because people’s eating preferences will change according to different scenes, such as in some parties, movies and other entertainment occasions, they are usually keen on desserts and fried foods. In the face of difficulties and depression, they also tend to fill their stomachs with high-calorie food.

Therefore, chat robots will help users to understand which environments will produce unhealthy temptations in different ways and provide relevant help accordingly.

The robot will also understand the user’s past feelings, experiences and behaviors under different circumstances according to the interaction, thus understanding the user’s diet trend, reminding the user how to successfully deal with past difficulties, and providing motivational imagery exercises to help the user get rid of the temptation of unhealthy food.

AI can only help you here

Although it is a little late, the reduction of fat should continue. April does not lose weight, may is sad, may does not lose weight, June cries chirp …

At present, many intelligent fitness equipment and software have been integrated into our life. They will provide personalized suggestions for weight loss, shaping and muscle strengthening, monitor the completion of exercise and standardized results, and provide timely incentives.

However, no matter how many and powerful technological products are, the most important thing is the determination and motivation to lose weight. Artificial intelligence or intelligent scheme can provide data or proposal. But they can only help you so much. To have the perfect body shape, you have to do it yourself.

In the movie “The Richest Man in Xihong City,” fat insurance “triggered a fitness craze.

Losing weight is not only for looking good, but also for eating more happily.