Japanese Playmaker Programmer: Set up a matchmaking website for himself, with 30 cents for each person


By hypernerve

Neon Hongguo has always had a big brain. From animation to games to all kinds of tricks, it always surprises us. Recently there was a program in which such a magical programmer brother appeared. ……

His magic lies in creating a unique dating website for himself.

A magical website

Yesterday, the little sister at the front desk came running mysteriously and said that she saw a magical website in a Japanese variety show. The younger sister said that the website had shown her the real polytechnic man in Secondary 2.

Is it really funny? I opened the website with half curiosity and half doubt:

The Love Probe. com | The Formula

Through Google’s web page translation, it seems to be a dating website.

After searching, it seems to be a matchmaking website similar to Baihe. Its name can be understood as looking for true love, but it seems to be small in scale.

The painting style of the homepage is as follows:

http://necopo.net/findlove/ 主页截图

The official website is full of cats. clicking on this picture on the front page of those websites will trigger the relevant pages of cartoons, peripheral t-shirts and application software. it does not look like a dating website, but rather a fan forum?

The webmaster lovingly designed an English website for people who don’t know Japanese. Click here to get an introduction to the website:

Welcome to SweetHeart.com. You can find all kinds of special people here: cat lovers, table tennis lovers, tourists, game lovers and web page designers. Please contact on Facebook if you meet someone you like.

Sounds good, you can try to find true love, even if you make a friend.

Why do all male members look like one person

Since I’m here, try it.

Wait, why can only “I am a girl” be selected, only “boys” be searched, and male users cannot register?

There are many options in the country column, but only “Japan” can be selected, and the region is limited to East Kyoto.

Is there a Bug on the website? Or is this a trap?

Well, well, since it can’t be modified, there will always be some interesting places. After all, dating websites should have high-quality little brothers. Click on search and the response is quite quick.

Several pages of registered member information appeared, and the picture was accompanied by a brief introduction.

Hah, you can see what kind of people are playing this website.

I’m glad you found me among many members. My name is Sho Sato.

It has been 3 years since I told the waitress in a cafe in Shibuya that I was rejected. She looks very much like Picasso. I like girls who look like pikachu.

During lunch break, I often go to cafes. I let her see my own cartoons trying to attract her and then understand my world.

I tried to pursue her. Then I told her. But she refused me. I was very nervous at that time. When I confessed, I stammered, “I love you because you look like Picasso!” Maybe I didn’t express myself well, maybe she thought I was terrible.

What do you think of people like me

The first little brother, blind date also has to write his love story of failure. This is how honest and frank is.

In addition, girls who look like pikachu. . .

Eldest brother, do you think you look like Xiao Zhi? Do you think Picasso will like you?

Hello, my name is Sho. I love a cat! !

This cat is called Hamachi. Is it cute? Is it cute? Very cute! Lovely! Lovely! I want to hold it. I’m sorry, if I love too much, it will make its body smaller. But it’s so cute! Lovely! Bigger! Lovely!

The second little brother, um, is also called sho?

However, for the sake of cat’s loveliness, I won’t spit out your boredom.

I’m Satoh Sho, you can call me Sho.

In winter, I often cook with a pot at home. A kimuchi pot. If you go out with me, each of us will eat from a separate pot. What a strange idea. Two pots on a table.

Why is this third eldest brother also called Sho? is this the street networking website of Sho village?

The truth turned out to be ……

After browsing a few more times, I suddenly felt something was wrong.

Wait, this guy looks familiar. Take a closer look, dear!

The name is the same! What’s more, what’s on the page is so similar! Yes! It’s the same person!

What! These 30 people are all the same!

OMG, the mastermind of this drama, used different pictures and introductions, but it was all his own!

Hold on, don’t laugh

Calm down a bit and see that there is also a divination function on the webpage.

The page reads “divine the name and photo of your soul mate.”

Please enter your name:

And so on, after just being routine, there must be something wrong with this, indeed as expected …..

No matter what you enter, it will display “this is your Mr. right” and match it with the picture of this Sato Sho.

All of a sudden, there is a sense of accomplishment in online novels. No matter how you choose, there is only one person who is destined to be me.

This   Sato Sho must be the biggest paid user of this website, a real RMB player.

Emmmm ….

Can you guess the result?

When I was about to start turning over the blades I bought on the 11th, I found that the website said:

Because I am inarticulate and have no money or courage to date the opposite sex, I thought of setting up a website to show myself, hoping to meet girls who like me.

And he said, “I don’t mean any harm, please forgive me.”

Well, I turned out to be a goofy programmer. ……

That he is such a cat lover, he can draw cartoons, and he can make up such a wonderful website. Have you ever found someone you like and searched the Internet with the mentality of eating melons?

Finally, this little elder brother was found in a Japanese variety show “Yue Yao night is still young”. Everything about him is in the video.

As for the final outcome, see for yourself.

Refill. gif

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