Poisoning in the middle of the night, AI below for you to eat?

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By hypernerve

If you are still struggling with whether to order takeout, I advise you to stop reading this article.

Because your AI robot is cooking a delicious pizza filled with your favorite bacon, thick sausage, cheese and top-notch crust. Moreover, such a pizza can be enjoyed at home without Michelin chefs or waiting in line at the gate of wanghong restaurant.

No chef is needed for delicious food.

First of all, Citi has an animated movie “heavenly food”, in which there is such a scene: from the clouds in the sky, there is a huge rain of food.

The main character of this story is a small town science geek full of fantastic ideas, but for a long time, he has been rejected by the whole town for his immature and impractical inventions.

The residents in the small town only eat sardines all the time, so the main character devotes himself to making food machines. because of an accident, the food machine he invented floated into the air, realizing its special function by accident: magic chance can obtain water from the cloud, produce food through some changes, and float to the ground.


More importantly, due to the continuous supply of clouds, it can continuously create food. You can get any kind of food as long as you give instructions through the computer.

From then on, people in the small town bid farewell to the single sardines and enjoyed the delicious feast from the sky.

Of course, this is an animated movie, because the plot needs to be illogical. But there are also many interesting settings, such as ice cream and snow, jelly palace, and the spaghetti tornado that got out of control later.

In reality, if you want to meet a pie in the sky, you may just have a daydream in a trance.

In real life, we have to rely on raw materials and chefs to have a good meal. But recently, many began to study how to use AI to eliminate the necessity of “chef” in a good meal.

Robot pizza maker

Last year, Zume, a pizza company in San Francisco, USA, began to use robots to make pizza for guests. Currently, it can produce 400 pizzas per hour, far exceeding the speed of human beings.

Moreover, the company also has an intelligent unmanned distribution plan.

They find out the best distribution route through intelligent planning.


Moreover, AI can predict when and where the next order may occur from a large number of orders, according to the data of the user’s consumption behavior and by analyzing and mining the rules.

In the delivery process, the pizza to be completed will be put into an intelligent automatic delivery truck to realize delivery according to the needs of users.

Using the GPS-based prediction algorithm, the oven of the delivery truck will be turned on 4 minutes before reaching the destination, and pizza will be baked to complete the final step, ensuring that the freshly baked hot pizza will be unpacked when delivered to the destination.

The automatic production of machines and the optimal distribution service ensure that users can get delicious pizza in the shortest time.

If you don’t trust AI to do it, you can also let AI supervise it.

Another pizza giant company called Da Le Midea, which you may have eaten, also began to use AI to monitor the quality of pizza in 2017.

This AI system is called DRU AI Pizza Checker and is mainly used to solve customer complaints. For example, pizza’s ingredients are wrong, its baking is wrong and its quality is not up to standard. We can get timely feedback and improvement from it.

Its main body is a camera and a sensor, which are placed in the process of monitoring preparation and cooking. AI is used to capture and analyze pizza photos, so as to ensure the correct production process and meet the requirements of satisfying consumers.

In addition, the system will process information intelligently. The store will receive the quality data of all pizza orders, and the customer will also receive a photo of pizza.

Domino’s own claim is that this system can complete analysis and report in 3 seconds, which effectively improves the quality of pizza production.


Although these robots have mastered the steps of making pizza, and are even more skilled than human beings, and AI has been involved in the level of consumers, basically all they can do is replace those complicated labor and make the formula according to the chef’s design.

Can AI be smarter? For example, what will happen if you hand over the recipe to AI?

Can also let AI make pizza recipes

In a report in September this year, AI that can generate recipes finally arrived.

Pinar Yanardag, a postdoctoral researcher at MIT Media Lab, and his friends have developed an AI model that can synthesize hundreds of pizza recipes online to generate new recipes.

This has catapulted AI from waiter and supervisor to absolute chef.

The key to the model’s ability to learn recipes online is that it has a powerful text generation network module, TextGenRNN, which is often used to generate phrases from text data sets.

The research team verified the practicability of AI model. At a local pizza restaurant, they and the chef tested the formula given by AI.

左为披萨店主厨,左三为 Pinar Yanardag,其余为团队成员

The results show that AI can indeed create many new recipes, such as blueberry spinach feta pizza, bacon avocado peach pizza and so on, which are not normally available.

However, due to AI’s difficulty in analyzing human taste perception, adding human to the formula is somewhat unsatisfactory for different ingredients and condiments, such as lack of some meat, sauce and cheese.

However, the model also makes a lot of dark dishes that sound strange, but the taste is still good, and even the pizza recipe confirmed by the chef, such as the pizza with shrimp, jam and Italian sausage.

However, according to their research, if you want to turn these recipes into delicious food on the dining table, you need to make them manually. Because there are no manufacturing steps involved in their plan.

This AI model is only responsible for the formulation, and cooks are responsible for the processing and baking. They hope to show that AI will not only not rob human jobs, but also become a good assistant to human beings.

The whole process is handed over to AI?

I know you have a bold idea: what if you combine pizza-making robots with recipe-making AI?

Emmm, this problem is still waiting quietly for scientists and bosses to combine them for people like us who eat melons and, oh, pizza.

In addition, we really don’t want to develop robots that can eat pizza, otherwise, we can only be spectators.


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