They spluttered with the robot and planned to spend their lives together.

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Sex robots are becoming an irresistible trend. Both the increasingly refined sex toys and the more intelligent dialogue AI system are promoting the development of sex robots towards perfect partners. But can this kind of robot really replace the partners in the sexual relationship and establish the fetters of spirit and flesh with human beings?

Contemporary robots are becoming more advanced, the materials are becoming more lifelike, and the functions are becoming richer and richer. They are not only replacing human beings to do some mechanical repetitive assembly line work, but also trying to meet various demands of human beings at a higher level.

For example, our topic today: Sex Robot.

With the tide of technology, whether people accept it, talk about it or not, the number of sex robots is increasing.


The distribution of people who said they would consider having sex with robots (dark green) and would never (bright green)

In a 2017 survey of 1,146 people in the United States, a quarter of men expressed their willingness to have sex with robots.

But can sex robots really replace humans as intimate partners?

Promoting the Development of Science and Technology: Human Needs

The demand for sex has promoted many technological changes directly or indirectly.

Many people have concluded that since industrial civilization, the porn industry has greatly promoted many technological advances. From eye-catching arcades to dim cinemas, to relatively private TV programs, and finally to computers with higher degrees of freedom, sexual content is basically the first batch of content producers.

After the popularization of the Internet, eroticism on the Internet is also the industry with the largest traffic. In 2018, Pornhub, the world’s largest adult content website, saw another 5 billion visits to 33.5 billion.

That is, on average, 63,000 users worldwide watch more than 200,000 videos and conduct 57,000 searches on the Pornhub every minute.


Every minute 63,000 users worldwide visit the Pornhub.

In sex, human beings are always in a “can’t wait” state and always want to try new things quickly.

A statistical data shows that with the development of movable type printing, photography, paperback books, video tapes, cable television and pay television, internet, CD-ROM and laser discs, new technologies can appear faster than expected driven by pornographic elements.

In this century, sex toys have developed unprecedentedly, and the intervention of artificial intelligence is pushing the sex industry towards the direction of sex robots.

More and more intelligent sex robots

In 2007, David Levy, a chess master and artificial intelligence researcher, wrote a bold book “Love and Sex with Robot”.


From a professional point of view, the author expounds the evolution of the closeness between robots and human beings with rational strokes.

In the book, he made an assertion: in 2050, human beings will fall in love with robots, have sex with robots, and marry robots.

Twelve years later, this statement is still very avant-garde.

But this view is enough to fascinate countless people. A sex robot tester once said that robots have one of the greatest advantages-they will not break your heart, will not run away from your family, will not be angry for no reason, and will not leave you when you have no money and no money.

The appearance of sex robots seems to be doomed when adult toys begin to develop towards personification.

In 2009, Pygmalion, an adult product company, introduced an intelligent adult doll. In addition to its close appearance to real people, Pygmalion can also follow simple instructions and automatically complete functions such as lubrication and heating. But at this time it is only a refined humanoid toy.

In 2010, True Companion company launched the world Roxxxy. It is said that besides all the functions of dolls, it can also send e-mail to users, upgrade programs on the Internet, expand vocabulary automatically, and even chat with people with prerecorded sentences.


Roxxxy robot to accompany human tasting

By 2017, a more commercialized Harmony appeared. It was produced by Realbotix and was a highly completed sex robot.

In order to make Harmony’s experience closer to real people, it has a built-in movable skeleton, and Realbotix has also designed a high-quality silica gel that can simulate body temperature and touch. Externally, the colors of eyes, hair, skin and even makeup are customized according to the user’s personal preference.


Harmony has a very delicate face.

Not only is there a beautiful leather bag, Harmony is also equipped with a robot drive arm and thermal sensor, and has a mechanical head with built-in AI system, so the robot can interact with the user and respond to touch.

The language system is similar to Siri or Alexa. Users connect to speakers and actuators in the robot’s head through smart phone applications. The software can move the face so as to appear to talk and interact with the user.

This sex robot can smile, blink and frown. I can talk with people, joke, quote Shakespeare’s famous words, remember your birthday, personal hobbies, chat with you about music, movies and books, and have 18 optional personalities such as “shy” and “sexy”.


Harmony’s brother Henry

Of course, the company did not give up the female market either. Last year, they also introduced Henry, a popular boyfriend robot. But without exception, these robots are often sold for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

If the user chooses to make out with Harmony, it will activate the X-Mode option in the application, thus triggering the love mode. It can automatically detect sexual behavior and react with facial expressions and sounds, and even has a simulated robot orgasm.

Virtual Sexbot, Sex from Love

With the progress of technology, external stimulation and sensory enjoyment are close to perfection, but the discussion of intimate relationship is still waiting for some room for improvement.

Compared with the heavy and expensive physical sex robots, the virtual robot characters are not only more friendly to the people, but also more able to meet people’s emotional needs. Even many people believe that emotional maintenance is the future of sex compared with sensory satisfaction.

Moreover, with the development of AI technology, computer systems are more and more able to read users.

Ellen Kaufman, a doctor from Indiana University, said that “the market based on artificial intelligence applications is much larger than the market for robots based on pure dolls.” He himself also focused on the study of intimate relationships in technology.


The movie “Her” tells the story of human beings falling in love with the perfect AI system.

In the 2013 movie Her, such a perfect virtual partner is described. The subtle but profound man, after experiencing the breakup of his marriage, started with an intelligent operating system and thus found a “perfect lover”.

Samantha, a virtual assistant dubbed by Scarlett, can discern the male’s heart through data. It can appear anytime and anywhere, with patient and considerate words, or accompany or comfort, so that male owners with gloomy temperament gradually become bright in their eyes.

If the existence of silicone dolls is material satisfaction, then love robots capable of emotional communication may capture the hearts of many people. Realbotix knows this: therefore, it has also made a sex robot APP as a virtual sexual partner.

Using this APP, users can experience the most advanced technology, create and customize their own AI-driven digital sex robots, and establish ties with it through smart phones.


This AI-based virtual robot can be customized freely by users.

Facts have proved that the total sales of the application far exceed that of real dolls.

Perhaps this is no surprise to some people. For example, in 2018, a Japanese man held a wedding ceremony directly with secondary star “Hatsune Miku”.

Sex Robot: It can solve your needs, but it is not quite understood yet.

Whether it is close to entity or spiritual communication, apart from receiving ethical and moral disputes, technicians are more concerned about whether they can understand human sexuality.

If it is purely an algorithmic requirement to make AI sexually pleasing to human beings, then the computer will follow the rules of programming, turning urgency into a desire, resulting in the continuous evolution of this behavior, which may eventually become a driving force similar to sexual desire.

In addition, we also know that the current artificial intelligence, robots, is still a long way from a good sexual partner.

If we only want to solve the needs and get some comfort, we can meet the demand for sex toys with various designs. However, if you want to have deeper communication and interaction, you may still have to wait for AI to continue to grow up.