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The documentary “AlphaGo” (translated into Chinese: Alpha Go) is produced by Google and DeepMind team, and is meticulously produced by documentary director Greg Kohs and the team. This article describes several key matches in which the DeepMind team led AlphaGo to fight against the top human chess players.

This documentary has won many awards since it was shown on a small scale at various film festivals last year. It was shown publicly on Netflix this year and even scored 8.9 points on IMDB.

AlphaGo Alpha Go is not the first film and television work produced by Google, but it is the first documentary work that has won numerous awards and favorable comments at home and abroad.

The main character of the story: programmer VS chess player

AlphaGo Alpha Go is not the first film and television work produced by Google, but it is the first documentary work that has won numerous awards and favorable comments at home and abroad.

The main character of the story: programmer VS chess player
In the documentary, the DeepMind team invited top human chess players to play after completing the early version of AlphaGo. One of the most important matches was AlphaGo against South Korean chess player Li Shishi, who was ranked first in the world at that time.
The main characters in the documentary are AlphaGo’s engineering team and several chess players:

“Our team all hope that DeepMind can become an important forward force in the AI world, just like the Apollo moon landing program. Our greatest vision is to shape intelligence through human exploration. “Demis Hassabis (Deep Mind Co-Founder & CEO)

Demis Hassabis is the founder of DeepMind, and he is also a chess player. he practiced chess since he was a child and has become the second runner-up in international competitions at the age of 13.

This is also one of the reasons why he has been using chess for AI training since he formed the DeepMind team. In the film, he showed outstanding leadership, awe and persistence of AI and Weiqi.

“Li Shishi is a very good chess player. I am honored to be able to help AlphaGo play against him. I know that the whole world is looking forward to this match and AlphaGo is ready. “-Huang Shijie (Chief Engineer of DeepMind)

Dr. Huang Shijie from Taiwan is the chief engineer of DeepMind, but he is usually silent in films. His colleagues also explain that he is introverted and does not like to face the camera. However, he is not only an important soul figure of DeepMind, but also the main project of AlphaGo.

Moreover, he also represents AlphaGo, a person who sits opposite a human chess player and places pieces in the third dimension. He is like Shindou Hikaru in “Chess Soul”, and AlphaGo is his Zuo Wei

I not only hope to win, but also hope that I can hone my own different schools of chess while playing go. -South Korean Famous Chess Player in Li Shishi

In the film, Li Shishi is not only AlphaGo’s most wanted opponent, but also the last hope of human chess players.

Although he has been ranked in the top position in the world for many years, his sincerity and modesty are fully displayed in front of the camera. From the confidence before the war to the last meaningful smile, he is the person representing human beings in dialogue with AI in the film.

All the knowledge I have learned in my life comes from go. Weiqi is a mirror to me. To see Weiqi is to see my heart. -Fan Hui

In the film, Fan Hui is a special character. His personality is warm and straightforward, so he is very eye-catching. At the beginning of the movie, he spoke fluent French and taught the French to play chess on the streets of Bordeaux.

He was born in China and lived in France as an adult. He is a professional second-level player. Compared with other top players in the movie, Duan’s position is really not high. He is nicknamed “the world’s most famous second-level player” by netizens. He is currently the head coach of the French Go team. He has won European Go titles for many times. He has also been invited by the DeepMind team to become a consultant. He is also AlphaGo’s first professional human chess player and the chief referee of this man-machine war.

Technology documentary

Since its release, the work has won the best film and nomination for many heavyweight documentary awards such as the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, the London International Film Festival, the Critics Choice Award, and even the nomination for Best Documentary at the 2018 Academy Awards.

What is rare is that this is a documentary about artificial intelligence technology from beginning to end, and what is often favored by awards at film festivals are mostly stories of natural, social news and cultural types.

The reasons include:

As a documentary, this work has achieved professionalism and refinement.

The director used a skillful technique to shoot this exciting competition process, even though we all know the final result of the man-machine war.

The intentions of the entire production team are reflected in the details of the film. Many producers in the team have won international-level documentary awards. Together, they have made it possible for each character to naturally show his state, emotion, attitude towards AI and expectation for the competition.

Accurately conveys the exploration and reflection on the relationship between human beings and AI

Several engineers in the film are also professional or amateur chess players. In the film, they are also constantly expressing their positions and thinking about AI’s competition with human beings.

The two deeply depicted players, regardless of their high level and the result of the match, also expressed their understanding of AI’s challenge to human beings and the future development possibilities of AI.

The big-name dragon suit in the movie

It is estimated that many big stars have also received packed lunch and made guest appearances in this film.

Li Feifei, Feifei elder sister need not be introduced. She had not joined Google; when the documentary was filmed.

Cade Metz, currently working in the new york Times, is the most senior writer and reporter in AI field in the United States.

Professor John Daugman, who works at Cambridge university, devoted his early years to the study of iris recognition algorithms.

With the blessing of these big brothers, even if you don’t know much about go, the introduction of this movie will soon make the audience understand the subtleties of go. If it is not a cold to artificial intelligence technology, the in-depth explanation in the film can also make people quickly understand the difficulty behind the technology and the infinite possibility of AI in the future.

Do you want to watch it with everyone offline?

The 90-minute documentary was launched on Netflix earlier this year and can be viewed online for as little as $4.

The good news is that this documentary has also been introduced to China for broadcast this year. We have obtained official authorization from DeepMind, the production team and domestic distribution companies to broadcast it in China.

During this year’s 1024 Programmer’s Festival, it will be shown off the Beijing Line. Considering that this year’s Programmer’s Festival is a working day, we have adjusted the time to hold activities on the afternoon of October 24+4 (Sunday).

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