Today’s Calendar: Smart Room Opening, Thoughtful and Elegant

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On Tanabata, how to spend the festival with your partner is a difficult problem for many people. Flowers, chocolates, feasts and hotels are often the most classic combinations. How to get a unique and wonderful time together through the hotel? AI and robot technologies, the intelligent hotel experience being built, can help you to be a considerate and elegant best lover.

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Today is not an ordinary Wednesday.

However, it is not the calendar that reminds us of the coming of the festival, but the overwhelming commercial promotions.

For couples, most will choose to withdraw from their busy work on such a day and choose a warm hotel to have a romantic and poetic rest.


However, it is not a simple matter to avoid the crowded crowd and show your consideration in a unique and comfortable hotel.

If you are still considering bringing your beloved Ta an unforgettable and beautiful experience, you can learn how to combine the current cutting-edge technology to bring the most amazing romance.

First romantic stop: choosing a hotel is no longer a struggle.

Which hotel to choose is really a big one.

The data of style, price, location and comfort are often unreliable only through the abstract rating of the review website.

On the other hand, AI can make the best choice for you. It integrates analysis of various data dimensions. AI is far more time-saving and labor-saving than artificial planning. It will also launch a heart-warming scheme based on your partner’s data.

Zumata, a Singapore-based travel company, plans the most personalized hotel for customers through IBM’s AI platform Watson cognitive system.


For example, if you want to book a luxurious hotel suite in Sydney, you can directly see the Sydney Opera House with indoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

Simply enter “Sydney Opera House, Swimming, Internet” directly, and the system will automatically identify and provide you with a list of corresponding hotels, as well as information about these hotels and user comments on various social platforms.

In addition, Zumata can synthesize your historical data and make targeted recommendations. Still afraid of not knowing Ta’s mind? Give some key words mentioned by Ta many times to AI, and maybe Ta will be elated.

Zumata can also assist in arranging specific room service and car reservation.

At present, Zumata’s services cover almost the whole world, with 550,000 hotels connected to the system and providing written information such as hotel descriptions and reviews in over 29 languages.

Zumata also provides intelligent agent help services. if you encounter any difficulties, such as missing your car, missing your luggage or finding your way, you can use your familiar language to ask for help on the platform. the intelligent agent can respond in real time and provide solutions. In this way, you will never be late for your appointment again.

In front of Ta, consider everything gracefully and gracefully and let Zumata handle it properly.

Romantic Station 2: Full Station Robot Housekeeping Service

Recommended check-in is only the first step. If you want to surprise Ta, you can also take her to this hotel.

In this respect, Nihonoko (Japan) always brings surprises. They built the world’s “first robot hotel”, called the strange hotel, which combines AI and robot services to offer special accommodation services.

A branch store has dinosaur robots and beauty robots at the front desk. Based on natural language processing, it can assist in check-in in four languages.

Strange Hotel opened in 2015, initially introducing 82 robots in 6 categories. Almost all unmanned services have been realized. The most amazing thing is to cancel the receptionist at the front desk and replace it with dinosaur robots and highly simulated beauty robots.

The strange hotel became very popular once it was launched, and then it opened several branches one after another.

The details of the hotel are almost entirely taken care of by robots. There are specialized robot vans to transport goods, robots to store luggage, robot performers, robots to pick up garbage automatically, sweeping robots, intelligent electronic wardrobes, etc.

Luggage storage robot, trash can robot, AI assistant in the room

And in the guest room, equipped with AI voice assistant, can according to the needs of customers, intelligent adjustment of lights, curtains, music, etc. In 18 years, strange hotels have laid off a batch of robots that are not very practical, but this has not stopped AI and robots from entering the hotel.

With the emergence of more and more perfect AI systems, in many intelligent hotels, guests can realize the control of electrical equipment in guest rooms through voice interaction, and even adjust the overall use scene of guest rooms through instructions.

In a word, you can change the scene and atmosphere in the room. If you combine VR technology with your beloved Ta, it is possible to see all the prosperity in the world in one day.

Romantic Station 3: Image Recognition and Sterilization Assistant, Rest assured rolled sheets

After experiencing high-quality personalized recommendations and functional innovations, there are also hotel hygiene issues that must be considered.

Lack of cleanliness has always been a persistent problem in the hotel industry. For this reason, coping methods have also been upgraded. After all, no one wants to be troubled by these problems.

Clean bedding is the premise of happy rolled sheets.

However, health problems are also difficult to distinguish by naked eyes, such as bacteria and mites. However, depending on technical means, it is completely possible to kill virus by itself.

An engineer who found too many bacteria in a hotel built a disinfection robot CleanseBot based on image recognition technology to make himself and his family feel more at ease during the trip, which can kill almost all bacteria on sheets and quilts.

CleanseBot is at work

The robot is designed as a small pie, equipped with four ultraviolet disinfection lamps, built-in artificial intelligence system and 18 sensors, which can automatically plan the movement path.

After learning about more than 40 different types of materials and fabrics, the system collected different bed sizes and shapes, and created the best AI strategy and intelligent map. Simply put it on the bed, it can automatically sterilize and disinfect.

This is also the world’s first technology for this type. It can also switch to manual mode and become a disinfection device to disinfect electronic equipment, plush toys, car seats, etc.

Take CleanseBot and Be Thoughtfully Ready for rolled sheets

In the confirmatory experiment, CleanseBot killed 99.99% of bacteria and mites and also helped prevent the spread of viruses in the air.

In this way, the worries of staying in the hotel are solved. In addition to raising the worship value in the eyes of the other party, they can also share a peaceful night with Ta.

Are you ready for tonight?

With the development of AI and robot technology, more and more novel and practical functions have appeared in the layout of smart hotels.

In fact, it’s not just Tanabata. On weekdays, travel, business trips and visits may all be stayed in hotels. With the promotion of intelligent technology, hotel accommodation will become more and more comfortable and reassuring.

As for whether I can have a happy time today, I have told you all the methods, if even AI cannot satisfy Ta.

Dear, I suggest you change your object here.